Inquiring minds want to know…

What made you decide you to buy the stroller(s) you own? Here is why I ask…

I went to the Zoo the other day with both of my kiddos to enjoy a gorgeous day outside. We were our usual hot mess. B fell and cut his knee open, H had a poopslion, and I was looking like a crazy person trying to push the stroller while chasing after my freakishly fast, bleeding toddler. Totally normal day.

Anyways, I am walking around the Zoo, just looking at everyone’s strollers (I’m a weirdo), but this time was a little different.. One Mom stopped me in my tracks. There it was, in all it’s glory. A Bugaboo Buffalo. It literally took everything in me to not walk over and ask her if I can push it around really quick! I know, I have problems. She was looking like a Rock star Mom. Perfectly put together with her perfect little baby, in her perfect little Bugaboo Buffalo. I was instantly jealous….of the stroller. I kept wondering how she chose the Buffalo. Did someone tell her how amazing it is? Did she do a lot of research? Or maybe she just walked into BuyBuyBaby and saw it glowing among all the other strollers and thought, hmmm, let’s get THAT ONE! Whatever the reason, she clearly knew what she was doing.

                                                                              Isn’t she pretty?

When I was picking out my first stroller, I didn’t really know what to get. I ended up with a travel system because that’s what everyone told me I needed. I wanted my baby to be safe at all times and that was my only concern.

Prior to getting pregnant, my major concerns were whether or not taking that last shot of Tequila was a good idea…. boy how times changed… But, you see where I’m coming from. I was kind of clueless.  I had no idea there were so many set ups out there! I was totally content with my stroller until I went to the mall and saw a Mom pushing around a Uppababy Cruz. I stopped, turned around, and went straight into Galt Baby to find it. That’s when I saw the light… So. Many. Strollers. That’s also when my poor Husband lost me forever.

But, back to my original point. What made you choose your stroller? I honestly want to know. This is something that goes through my head every time I am out with the kids. I will see a family pushing around a Bumbleride Indie Twin and think, nice stroller! I wonder what made them choose that….

Send me a message tell me why you chose your stroller. Was it the brand name? Looks? It fit into your trunk? Why???? I need to know.