So. Many. Options

I want you to take EVERYTHING you have ever heard about the Contours Options strollers and toss it out the window. Today, I am going to show you just how amazing the new Contours Options Elite really is! Prepare to be impressed…

I recently had the opportunity to try the new Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller. I am not going to lie…I was pretty skeptical based on earlier reviews of this line, but, I had yet to hear anything negative about the new Elite. I am here to tell you that this stroller completely surpassed all of my expectations and is worth more than it’s $299 price tag. Read that again if you need to…I said $299.

   Let’s start with the assembly. I LOVE putting strollers together…nothing like that good ole new stroller smell to put me in a good mood!  Putting the Options Elite together pretty freakin’ easy. I was able to assemble it in 11 minutes (I timed myself, ha!) with a 10 month old crawling around. Not bad! Once I had everything put together I gave it a once over and realized, this bad boy is pretty cute!! The Laguna Blue canopy against the black frame looks awesome! The seats are spacious and fit both my 10 month old and 2-year-old comfortably. The seat also offers a generous canopy, 5 point harness, headrest insert, adjustable footrest and a nice little mesh pocket on the right that can store their toys, sippy, etc. I really love the canopy on this stroller, and not just because it has chevron on the inside!  The canopy unzips in the middle and extends with mesh fabric that gives really awesome ventilation! So perfect for those summer months when you step outside and are instantly a sweaty hot mess.

 Next on my list is the storage basket… It’s so huge, it makes me want to go buy a bigger diaper bag just because I know it will fit!! Not only can the basket hold everything and the kitchen sink, but it also has side zippers for easy access. LOVE. IT.

                                 Let’s give a huge round of applause to ContoursBaby for adding this amazing feature!!

      One of my biggest issues with tandem strollers is the push. With a set up like these, it can be difficult to get this over rougher terrain or a bump on the side-walk. Well, I could NOT believe it when I was able to get this thing through grass, gravel, bumpy and side walks without a problem! I did have to push down on the foot step on the storage basket to get it over a curb, but, that I expected that. Especially with my 30lbs toddler in the front seat. What I also love about this tandem set up is that there is ample space between the seats. I could pretty much set it up in any of the seat configurations and my kids were comfortable and happy. Happy Kids = Happy Momma.

   Everyone is always concerned with the fold of a stroller, myself included. If you have read any of my other posts, you know I loathe removing seats to fold a stroller. That is a non issue with the Elite because it fold easily with both seats attached!  It’s a little heavy to get into the trunk in one piece (38lbs), but nothing I can’t handle.

I have seen the light people. Run out and buy the Contours Options Elite Tandem stroller. This is such a great double options for families on a budget!


Each seat holds up to 40 lbs

Numerous recline positions

Adjustable footrest

Large canopy with mesh insert

5 point harness

Easy push

Easy one piece fold

Large basket with easy access points

2 bumper bars included

Car Seat Adapter included (check compatibility here)

Includes parent cup holder


Heavy (38 lbs)

Canopy will sometimes slide down if the seat is reclined all the way

Hope you enjoyed my review on the Contours Options Elite! This is such a rockin’ tandem stroller. I know you will love it!

Happy Strolling!!