That Donkey.

The Bugaboo Donkey. Where do I even start with this one. I begged my husband for a Donkey. I could not sleep because all I could think about was getting a Donkey. I wanted it sooooo bad I even wrote up a contract saying “I will never ask for another stroller again if we get a Donkey”. I’ve had 18 strollers since the Donkey… my poor Husband.


I got the Donkey as our first double stroller. It showed up to our condo in all its beautiful Donkey glory and did not disappoint. Don’t believe all the hype? Well you should. Pushing the Donkey is like pushing around a pot of gold. Everyone stops and asks “what stroller is THAT???” And I would just say nonchalantly, “Oh, this old thing? it’s a Donkey!” Ok, maybe I didn’t say this old thing but I totally acted like it didn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment.


How cute is my Mom?

Let me get back on track here and tell you why the Bugaboo Donkey is totally amazeballs.


1. It goes from an amazing single stroller to an equally amazing double stroller. Many times, you give up features you want in a single stroller when it converts to a double. Not with the Donkey. Anyway you set it up, it’s still riDONKulous. Hehe.
2. Those air-filled tires make this baby push like is gliding on butter. Only have one available hand and are going over crazy Chicago potholes? Have no fear. The Donkey is here.

3. Set up. The seat configurations are so perfect. Each child is comfortable in their own seat. You don’t have to worry about them kicking each other, hitting each other, or fight over who gets to sit in front or on the bottom. They just hop right in and blissfully hold hands while your on an afternoon stroll. Ok, maybe they won’t hold hands but let’s just pretend for now.
4. It’s the Bugaboo Donkey and you need it.

How sweet is this?

How sweet is this picture?

5. Ability to customize. I LOVE decorating my strollers. You can pretty much have anything made these days for your stroller and totally make it your own.

6. Side luggage basket. If you are using the Donkey in Mono Mode, you can use the side luggage basket which is probably the most genius stroller add-on ever. Not only do you have a spacious under basket, but you have the side basket as well. Heading to the farmers market? This is perfect to hold all your goodies. Love. It.

Ok, now for some specs:

Suitable from birth to 37.5 lbs

Stroller weighs 29.2 lbs in Mono Mode and 33.4 lbs in Duo Mode

12″ rear air-filled wheels and 10″ front swivel wheels

Price: Mono Mode: $1329.95 and Duo Mode $1408.95

Bottom line, this stroller is worth every single penny. I promise. If you need help convincing your husband that you NEED this stroller, I can help you out 😉

2 thoughts on “That Donkey.

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  2. Gaurav says:

    , and several aceroseics. You don’t need snow tires (bugaboo’s are $89) because the front tires are bigger and more rugged. 2. It’s not so common, at least where I live eeeveryone has a Bugaboo. Other aceroseics aren’t as expensive (i.e. the travel bag is $60 vs. the $160 Bugaboo travel bag) 3. The company is known for their amazing customer service. And they’re very environmentally conscious. 4. With the new Rumble seat coming out next spring, it can turn into a double stroller, which means I’ll get a lot more use out of it and may even be able to skip purchasing another stroller when baby #2 comes along. 5. The seat is higher, so farther from fumes, pets, and closer to table level and mom (no bending over). 6. The canopy is wonderful, really covers the sun from any angle with the pull out sun hood. Tha Bug’s is pretty crappy, hence the need for $30 parasol. 7. More user friendly, you can recline the seat with one hand, and open the bumper bar from one side. And although I don’t find the fold of the Cameleon hard, this one is easier (my DH was annoyed about the 2 part fold of the Bug). Now, what I like better about the Cameleon is that is has more suspension, and that the seat can come to a fully upright position, and fully flat. I’ve just had it for 2 days but I’m loving almost every aspect of it, it handles amazingly both indoors and out. We have terrible sidewalks and pavement, and it does great. I took it to Whole Foods and it fit through the tiny tiny checkout aisles easier than my Graco because it’s easier to maneuver. It trully can be pushed with one hand and turns on a dime! Crowded aisles at the grocery store were no problem. It is a little less wide than the 2008 (just a tad wider than the Bug), and I walked with friends and their strollers today and we all fit perfectly on the sidewalk without bumping into each other. Also the fabrics are much nicer now and the seat is so comfy my 9 month old took a 90 minute nap in it today, in the other stroller he couldn’t sleep more than 20-30 minutes. Of course the basket is great and easily accesible, I fit my diaper bag, everyone’s coat and still have room to spare. It takes up less space than my Graco in the trunk, and since it stands when folded I don’t have to bend over. It’s also lighter than a lot of other Bugaboo-ish strollers and other full size strollers. Really, for all it has, 24 lb is a very decent weight (it’s only like 2 lb heavier than the Cameleon). Now what I don’t like, and the reason I’m not giving it 5 stars: 1. The seat recline: It doesn’t come to fully upright and my baby hates this. I’ve read a lot of reviews for the previous model and this one is a common issue, I cannot believe they didn’t think of improving this for the 2009. At the store it didn’t seem so bad, but now my baby looks really reclined to me, and since the bottom of the seat is also at an angle it’s hardo for him to pull himself up using the bumper bar. I was actually awake half the night wondering if I made the right choice because of this. I hope my baby get’s used to it soon, or I’ll have to put a pillow or something behind him. This is the main issue I have with the stroller. 2. The ride is bumpier than I expected (although it is way way better than our Graco and my friends’ Pliko P3 s). I wish it had more suspension and the wheels were less rigid to absorb more shock. 3. This is a minor issue but the rain cover doesn’t fit the bassinet, they should make a cover for the bassinet. I’m thinking of buying the Mutsy one, I think it should fit the Vista bassinet. Oh, and as with every high end stroller the cup holder is extra ($25). I do, overall love this stroller and I hate myself for not getting it sooner (but then of course I wouldn’t have the 2009!)

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