Mixie Bottles. Genius.

There are a ton products out there that are made to make your life easier as a parent. I buy all of these products because I need all the help I can get!  Some products are amazing, others, not so much. The <a href="http://Mixie falls into the rock you world category!

This is why I LOVE Mixie Bottles.

Mixie is probably the greatest invention of all time.  Think of every time you have been at Target (I go to Target a lot if you haven’t noticed), the mall, grocery shopping, etc. and needed to make a bottle.  You have water, a bottle, a container for the formula and then when you go to mix the two, formula spills all over the place.  So annoying!  This also happens to me in the middle of the night and drives me insane.


My life got a little easier the day I walked into Galt Baby and saw the Mixie. This bottle has a compartment for the formula that keeps it safely protected from the water until your ready to mix!  Instead of carrying bottles, water, and formula, all you need to bring with you is a Mixie or two!  I love this.  My diaper bag just got like 2 pounds lighter.

The bottles come in two sizes, 4 oz and 8oz, are dishwasher safe and Bisphenol-A Phthalate and PVC free. That has to be good, right?  HA!  I kid.

Here are some “action” shots of the Mixie…

Although these bottles are kind of pricey, $17.00 for the 4oz and $22.00 for 8 oz, my husband agrees that Mixie is worth EVERY penny!  When I travel with the kids, these are the only bottles I use.  Trying to prepare a bottle on a crammed flight or in a car, with two wild kiddos, is no easy task.  Mixie will save you a lot of time and aggravation, which is why I know they will rock your world!

I know what you’re thinking right now…  So.Many.Pieces. Yes.  There are a few parts to clean, but, have you ever had to use a Dr. Brown bottle?  It’s kind of the same idea. It’s a pain, but you do whatever works!

I highly recommend investing in at least one Mixie so you can see just how awesome this product really is!

Click –> Mixie and let me know what you think! We are a Mixie family for life!

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  1. Karai says:

    I know a friend for the przies gave away gerber daisy’s which was a cool flower for a baby shower because of the name. You could also depending on the theme of the shower give away things like soap, bath bubbles, lotion, bath beads and but them into a small cheap/generic baby bottle or baby food jar. For game ideas here are some classics i know of: – A really fun game to play is where you have to guess with a piece of string how big around the mommy-to-be belly is. To play this all you need is yarn, scissors and the mommy! You go around and have the each person cut off a piece of yarn. Once everyone has one they each go put their yarn and wrap it around the mommy’s tummy putting their finger on the spot where the yarn meets and then everyone compares to see who guessed the closest.- Another game is tasting baby food and guessing what kind it is. – You can do guess the baby riddle where you print out a piece of paper with parts of a baby riddle like for example: how i wonder where you are’ and then they have to write down the name of the song/riddle. – Another cool idea for a baby shower that i did was i provided cards and a envelope to each guest and then had them draw a number from a bowl and then they had to write a birthday card to the baby at that age. Then the mommy gets to take them home and store them some place safe to give to the baby at each of it’s birthdays!Hope this helps! = )

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