Urbini Swiftli Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Urbini Swiftli lightweight stroller a few weeks ago. I’ve never used a Urbini Stroller, so I wasn’t sure what to expect…


Out of the box, the stroller itself it pretty easy to assemble.  Pop all four wheels on, add the cup holder, belly bar, and you are ready to walk out the door!   I always appreciate an easy assembly.  On more than one occasion I’ve pulled a stroller out of the box and just walked away. #toomanypieces


This is a very normal occurrence in our household…I am determined to get a shot of him sleeping in each stroller!

The Swiftli holds a child up to 50 lbs ,  has a decent recline (not flat ), and a pretty good canopy considering it falls somewhere in the Umbrella Stroller category.  The stroller is much sturdier that I had imagined it would be.  The frame is strong and has a nice look to it.   I REALLY love this color grey against the black!

The seat is roomy and has an adjustable leg rest, as well as a foot rest attached to the frame for our taller riders (aka no dangling feet).  The arm bar is soft and super easy to remove and re-attach. The basket on the Swiftli is small, but I would consider it average for this type of stroller.  The canopy, like I said above,  provides a decent amount of coverage which is always a plus!  The fabric is not the most amazing quality, but a quick way to make the seat fabric more plush is to add an inexpensive liner and dress it up a bit! The Swiftli is a two hand push, but I feel like that’s standard with double handlebars.

Brody really loves this stroller! To me, that  is always the deciding factor. If your child is comfortable, he/she will let you know it!   Out of all our strollers, he will go into the Stroller Room aka Harper’s Bedroom (poor girl), and grab this one.  I think that says a lot…  If they don’t enjoy sitting in the seat, I know something is off comfort-wise. He loves hopping in so Urbini got it right 😉


Stroller Weight: 17lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 50 lbs

Includes: Belly Bar and Parent Cup Holder

Car Seat Compatibility: Accepts Sonti Infant Car Seat (no adapters needed)

Seat: 5 point harness/Adjustable leg rest

Push: Two hand Push

Fold: Two step compact fold

Colors: Red, Viola, Fog (pictured above), and Electric

Noteworthy: NOT TIPPY!! Huge plus that this stroller does not tip backward easily like so many lightweight stroller do. Especially if you plan to use this for travel, you will eventually need to hang something on the handlebar and it’s nice to know it won’t just fall over on you!

Overall, I think the Swiftli is a great option at $69.99!  <— Yes, you read that right!  I love that the frame is sturdy and the seat is spacious enough for Brody to ride comfortably. This would be a great buy if you need a lightweight everyday stroller or even to keep at Grandmas! Urbini did a great job at pulling together a light weight,  functional stroller at an amazing price point! #twothumbsup

Happy Strolling!

**Thank you, Urbini for sending the Swiftli! I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.**