2015 Contours Bliss Review

I’ve really enjoyed using the new Contours Bliss! This stroller has some really awesome features that are great for all you parents to be…


The Contours Bliss has one feature that makes it stand out from the rest. The seat on the Bliss actually turns into a bassinet (comes with an extra seat pad for bassinet mode), and it’s easy to do! No more switching seats/bassinets. The bliss is all in one!


As a regular seat, it’s very roomy! Out of all of our strollers, Brody has the most head/leg room in this one.  The seat itself can face out or parent face, the canopy is huge with a peek a boo window and unzips to open up a mesh insert for ventilation. By now, you all know how I feel about lots of ventilation! The recline is near flat and perfect for stroller naps! Another FANTASTIC feature is the basket. It’s BIG and easy to access! Between the convertible seat and huge basket, this stroller just made being out for the day a little one so much easier!


Let’s talk push, quality, and fold. The push is awesome! Very smooth and easy to maneuver with one hand. The handlebar is adjustable so you can find the best height for you! I really wanted to mention the quality on the Bliss. The fabric for the seat and canopy are very durable! The fabric on the canopy is strong and helps keep it in place, even when it’s reclined. The frame is black and makes this stroller look fabulous!


The Bliss features a very simple one piece fold. You can remove the seat if you needed a more compact fold for smaller trunk space, but as is, it’s not too bulky. My only issue is that it sort of sits on an angle when it’s folded (see photo below). It’s not an issue for our trunk, but this could be a deciding factor for someone with a smaller vehicle.


Another awesome thing about the Bliss is that it’s compatible with like a million Car Seats! If you are a soon-to-be parent, you know the struggle is real with finding a Car Seat that fits with the stroller you want!


The Bassinet can also stand on it’s own! Make sure to you always place it on a safe flat surface.


Price: $399.99

Stroller Weight: 25 lbs

Max Weight Capacity: 40 lbs

Bassinet suitable until child can push up on hands and knees

Dimensions: Open  34.5”L x 24.5”W x 42.5”H – Folded 37.5”L x 24.5”W x 23”H

Seat Back Height: 19 1/2 inches

Seat to top of Canopy: 26 inches

Seat Width: 12.5 inches

Handlebar:  4 positions telescoping handlebar

Handlebar Heights: Lowest setting 38 3/4″ –  Tallest setting 42 3/4″

Wheels: Rubber-Coated EVA Rear Wheels/8″ Rubber-Coated EVA Wheels

Car Seat Compatibility: Baby Trend® Inertia,  KeyFit and KeyFit30, Combi® Shuttle 33, Cybex® Aton Q, Evenflo® Embrace and SerenadeTM,Graco® SnugRide® Classic ConnectTM, Classic ConnectTM 30, and Classic ConnectTM 35,Graco®SnugRide® Click ConnectTM 30, Click ConnectTM 35, and Click ConnectTM 40,Maxi Cosi® MicoTM AP and MicoTM Nxt,Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio, Primo Viaggio 30/30, and Primo Viaggio 4/35,Safety 1st® onBoardTM 35, onBoardTM 35 AIR, and Comfy Carry Elite, UppaBaby® MesaTM.

What’s Included: Bumper bar,  Bassinet Pad, Bassinet Fabric, Cup Holder and Car Seat adapter.

Cons: I got nothing! Insert shocked emoji here… LOL

Overall, I absolutely love using the Bliss! I mean, look at all of these features PLUS everything that’s included. A stroller doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to be amazing. Contours Baby just proved that.

Functional + Beautiful + Affordable – Winner!  Speaking of winner….we’re giving the new Bliss next week!!! Stay tuned 😉


Happy Strolling!


126 thoughts on “2015 Contours Bliss Review

  1. Claire Koehler says:

    Would love to have this stroller for my new little one! Love the fact that the seat can be a bassinet!!

  2. Sara Ferguson says:

    This stroller is gorgeous! My family loves the Contours brand! We have their double stroller and also a 2006 Contours single stroller. We would love to be able to upgrade that one with this for our 1 month old!

    I love the seat-to-bassinet ability and I am a SUCKER for a stroller that can parent face. It’s just so sleek looking!

    OH! And have I mentioned how excited I am that Contours FINALLY listened to us and made the handle bar adjustable?! That was one of my only complaints about a Contours stroller… now I don’t know that I have one! In love !

  3. Nicoletta Wright says:

    This stroller looks great! I love that the seat turns into a bassinet without needing a separate bassinet. The parent facing option is a must with littles ones. It makes life so much easier when you can completely see them when they are so little. This looks like a great stroller all around.

  4. Jaimie Moore says:

    I absolutely love the Contours Bliss simply for the way this stroller company not only thinks of baby, but mom and dad too! I’ve noticed that every Contours stroller has an amazingly open and big bottom basket for all personal belongings. This stroller is a great size and has great features that make this stroller worth having!

  5. Amanda Hedquist says:

    I love this stroller because it is perfect for all ages! The bassinet will be perfect when my daughter is newborn and it continues to grow with her!

  6. Juanita says:

    The stroller looks awesome and easy to use. I like the fact that you don’t have to take anything apart and turns into a bassinet.

  7. Amanda says:

    I have been coveting this stroller for months so I loved reading this review. You pointed out things I wasn’t even aware of, so now I love it and want it even more (if that’s possible?)

  8. Ashley N says:

    I love how the seat can change from a bassinet (without an extra seat!) to toddler seat that can face in or out. It’s like a dream….

  9. Eula Mei A says:

    I love that its compatible with a lot of car seats! Have been looking at different stollers and most of them would require me to get that brand car seat 🙁

  10. Hana Yoon says:

    Look at how sexy it is!!!!! Lol AND that storage space!!!! Not only will I enjoy strolling with Contours Bliss but my son would love it too! He seems to love anything (and only things) fashionable and he is not even one yr old yet :”) I am currently on the perfect stroller hunting and this would be it!! >. <

  11. Annie Stegmeier says:

    What’s NOT to like about this stroller? It truly grows with baby. Not to mention it’s super sleek and stylish!

  12. Rosalie says:

    I really love how compact this stroller looks/is yet has so many features. I live how the baby can be faced to look at me or at the world!

  13. Morgan Jarrell says:

    I LOVEEEEE how you can transform it from a regular stroller to a bassinet! This would be perfect for going to the park and strolling around and take the bassinet off and relax and watch the little one nap 🙂 I know my 6’2 ft husband would love that the handle adjusts to his height.

  14. Heidy says:

    I love Contour Bliss stroller because it has everything a baby is going to need- 4 features for the price of one!

  15. Elizabeth Serrato says:

    I love the bliss because it is so compact I can use it as a bassinet fory baby and I just love the many combinations it can be used hopefully I win it for my son.

  16. erica hernandez says:

    I love how the stroller looks, very nice. I love that your able to turn your child towards you or looking out. The ajustable handle bar. The essy fold and that its super light weight. Good luck to everyone😊

  17. Sarah grubbs says:

    I love that this stroller has many of the same options of expensive strollers for a reasonable price. It’s so cute and seems that it has a long life with the size of the seats.

  18. Rachel A says:

    Absolutely love how the Bliss is a 4 way stroller! The bassinet option that you can remove would be amazing with an infant! Oh, and that basket! Would LOVE a chance to have this Bliss!!

  19. Alethea says:

    I really like the versitility of this stroller. That it faces different directions and that it fits multiple kinds of carseats. And I love the old school bassinet look.

  20. Tamara Lee Alsop says:

    I follow your blog so that I can pick the perfect stroller for next summer. I have a baby trend sit n stand that I got at my 2nd child’s baby shower & it’s just not a good fit for us. I’m not crazy about it at all. I’d love a better quality single stroller since my 3yo isn’t really interested in riding in our anymore. & the compact fold on this bliss has me swooning!

  21. Elise says:

    I love the versatility. We love our contours double stroller but now the my first daughter is getting older we don’t always need the double. We’ve been looking for the perfect stroller for our youngest daughter.

  22. Heidi Kauffunger says:

    Would love to win, such a great looking stroller! Need a stroller that can actually turn and go on different terrain! Huge seat would make a difference for a baby on never ending growth spurts

  23. Gina says:

    I love how roomy the seat looks. And it looks like it has good access to the basket, which I love! Would be awesome to win!

  24. Samantha Heidecker says:

    I LOVE this stroller! I am all about storage and comfort (which would have to include vents lol) but I am excited about the adjustable handle bar and the huge canopy that has UPF 50!! (We are a very fair family). I also really like that the seat can face the parent or away from the parent. And a one-piece bassinet/seat?! Genius!

  25. Brittany Bending says:

    I love the fact that this strollers seat turns into a bassinet! No more needing to switch between the two!

  26. Noemi M says:

    Love that it’s all in one!! No having to switch seats between bassinet and regular seat! Also that it fold all together no having to break it down!

  27. Lizzett A Rivera says:

    Looks like a very practical stroller and has a compact fold. I would love to win this for my LO. It’s a gorgeous stroller!

  28. Audrey Salgado says:

    I love all the different seat combinations this stroller can do. Reminds me a lot of the vista, but at a much better price!

  29. berenice says:

    I love how comfortable this stroller looks. My little one will travel in style and her safety will not be compromised since bliss has been built to passed every safety inspection. Most of all is mommy approved. Crossing fingers hope we win!!!

  30. Liz Ticona says:

    Other than it looks great, I love that it’s Very smooth and easy to maneuver with one hand because sometimes us mamas, have only one hand free, like me & a stroller that can be pushed with only 1 hand, really makes my life easier 🙂

  31. Renee Smith says:

    What I really love about the Contours Bliss is that it has so many configurations. Also, it appears to be really easy to convert. I would love one!

  32. Brooke Berger says:

    I love the versatility of this stroller; I love how it grows with the child! I also like that my car seat fits with it

  33. Julie Arthurs says:

    This looks awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed because this would put a ease to our current stroller dilemma.

  34. Cori says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter! I love the idea of a huge basket for storing things like a heavy diaper bag.

  35. Lauren Simms says:

    The height adjustable handle is worth Its weight in gold! Where has this been my whole parenting career?!

  36. samyra says:

    I like that the stroller takes you from newborn to toddler years. So many great places to visit with these four wheels.

  37. Theresa Bashiri-Remetio says:

    love that you don’t need an additional bassinet attachment. It grows with your little one! Super excited to give this a push in store.

  38. William Carmona says:

    I love the adjustable handle for us taller people, in addition to all the other amazing features. What a great stroller and giveaway!

  39. Amber Ludwig says:

    EVERYTHING!!! Omgosh!! I love the sleek, classic design, the bassinet/seat option, the forward/parent face configurations!!! I mean is there anything they didn’t think of? I love that it’s compatible with tons of car seats and that the bassinet can stand on its own!! So awesome!!!

  40. Amy A. says:

    I l8 email everything about this stroller. It’s versatility, size, color, features, basket capacity. Just to name a few 😉

  41. Gabriela Tirado says:

    This is gorgeous! My almost two year old (his birthday is in October) would love it! Looks so roomy! I currently have a light weight stroller so this would be an huge upgrade!

  42. Amber rizer says:

    I love how it turns into a bassinet and can face momma! Also it’s so easy to maneuver and recline ! So many great reasons to have one!

  43. Elida Cohen says:

    I LOVE that it turns into a bassinet! My son refuses to nap anywhere that is not flat this stroller will be great and grow with him.The basket on it looks awesome. Its such a cute stroller. ♡

  44. Ashley Thwaites says:

    I love this stroller and how it’s a 4-in1 & a all in one. Makes things so much easier for moms on the go with their hands full.

  45. Barbara says:

    Would love to win this to push my grandkids around! Looks so nice and sleek too I’d be the envy of other grandmas!

  46. Cecilia says:

    I really love the versatility and that it comes with so much. As opposed to all the other strollers where you have to buy all accessories separately. 🙁

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