Ju Ju Be – Hobo Be

So, as you all know, I LOVE my Ju Ju Be.  Like, really love.  If I’m being honest with myself, it’s borderline obsessive.  I have one Mama to thank for this. I won’t name you…you know who you are! 😉

Today  I’m reviewing the Ju Ju Be Hobo Be in Monarch. I am sooooooo excited to talk about this bag and why I think it’s  aaaaaahhhhhhhhmazing!

First off, if you are new to JJB, you won’t be for long.  When you’re done reading this review, click HERE to check out the website and browse your new obsession. If you’re already a JJB lover like myself, I hope this review lives up to your expectations…eek!


The Hobo Be is the perfect little bag for every day use. Brody and Harper are at the age where I don’t need to bring everything and kitchen sink with me when I leave the house, which is why I chose the Hobo Be. I was nervous when I first took it out of the box. It looked small, but I quickly realized  this bag can hold way more than I would have ever thought…

I use this bag as a cross body and love how it fits and looks on the body. I am 5’2” 118 lbs (I’m being a little generous there lol), and it fits me perfectly. The bag hits right at the hip when I have the strap set to the longest setting.


You would never know that this is a diaper bag if you were walking by me in the grocery store.  Maybe that’s because I have it in  the Monarch “print” (all black), but I still think even in any of the adorable prints JJB has, you wouldn’t guess it’s a diaper bag.

This is officially my go to bag, and I also love using it when I’m out without the kids because of the way I can keep it organized.


Like I said before, this bag is small, but can fit everything you need. Here’s a list of what I bring when I walk out of the house with both kids:

3 Diapers for each




3 Binkies (we lose a lot of binkies)


2 Sippy Cups

My planner (I know, I know… who still uses a planner!?)

Wallet, Keys, lip gloss, sunglasses.

Ok, so here’s how I pack my bag up! I like to use Quicks or Be Sets to keep everything organized…

Large Set Piece: 6 diapers


Medium Set Piece: Snacks


Small Set Piece: Binkies


I keep my wallet in one of the mesh pockets in the main compartment.  Phone, Lip Gloss, Sunglasses, and Keys go in my favorite part, the Mommy Pocket.  This pocket rocks my world.  Especially when you are out running errands and need quick access to keys, phone, debit card, etc.  It’s perfection!  If we have a couple stops, I usually pull my debit card out of my wallet and secure it in the zipper pictured below  (where I have my gum) for easy access.  This pocket also has a spot to secure your keys!  Prior to JJB entering my life, I would I lose my keys no less than 20 times a day. This little key chain is awesome and helps keep me sane!


Ok, so let’s take a look inside the bag….


Large set piece with the diapers is in the main compartment along with the Medium Set Piece holding the snacks for the kiddos. I have the small set piece in the mesh pocket to keep it from floating around. Wipes in the other mesh pocket and I also keep my wallet in the third mesh pocket for quick access and to keep it secure. My planner goes in the long zippered pocket and Brody has a few cars in the small zippered pocket in case of emergency. Taggie goes on top and we are ready to head out the door!


As you can see, there is TONS of room, and so many pockets I haven’t used to their maximum potential. I could easily use this bag for a long day at the Zoo if I wanted. Here’s a peek inside of the Mommy Pocket so you can see how roomy it is! It’s the perfect size to carry all of your mommy needs, without making the bag look bulky.


Ok, here is the final product!  My bag is completely packed with everything listed above, and 2 sippy cups on either side.  I have just enough room left over to store the kids fall coats if needed so I don’t have to carry anything!   LOOOOOOOOOOOVE.  This is honestly my favorite Ju Ju Be bag.  I tend to overpack ( who doesn’t?), because with two kids you typically need a lot of crap.  I wanted something that was compact, but still able to hold everything I need while looking pretty!  The Hobo Be is the perfect everyday for all of us Mama’s on the go!


Before I end this review and send you on your merry way to the JJB website to order a new bag, I wanted to go over some great features all the bags have! One: ALL of the bags are MACHINE WASHABLE (air dry). Yessss!  They feature a Teflon fabric protectant which helps repel stains. I have washed each one of my bags and they come out looking brand spankin’ new. Two: The beverage pockets are insulated keeping everyone’s sippy’s or water bottles at the perfect temp. Three: Ju Ju Be Bags always have a light-colored lining so you can actually find what you’re looking for!  Say bye, bye to those days of digging through that black hole!

I could probably go on and on, but I know you will eventually come and join me on the pink side… 🙂

Bag Specs:

Mommy Pocket

Plenty of zippers and pockets for excellent organization.

Adjustable strap includes a top-notch shoulder pad with memory foam and a grippy textile underneath

Light changing pad included.

Agion® treatment protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Gold Metal Hardware


I hope y’all enjoyed my review of the Ju Ju Be Hobo Be!!! I seriously love these bags and know you will too. If you want a more close-up look at this bag, check out my  friend Kate Schwanke’s video review HERE!


Happy Strolling!