Cybex Balios M Review

Oh, Cybex…you have really put my stroller feelings to the test on this one. I feel so. many. feels. for the Balios M. It’s so gorgeous and has so many great features us Mom’s (and Dad’s!) look for in a great stroller. Plus, that Enrique Iglesias, Baliasmos song always pops in my head whenever I say the name of this stroller and that puts me in a good mood…true story.

The look of the Balios M is on point! And if I am being honest, pretty much anything Cybex puts out is gorgeous. Everything has very clean lines, a sophisticated look and is always functional.  Those are all things we love!


The Balios M has a nice big seat that can parent face or face the world.  Some of the great features on this seat are the adjustable leg rest, 5 point no re-thread harness, multiple recline positions (easy to do with one hand!), HUGE canopy (with UPV 50+), mesh insert (love!), flip flop friendly brake, and easy to clean fabric. check, check, check… so many great qualities!! Let’s go in-depth…

See how big this canopy is? Love it!!

See how big this canopy is? Love it!!

Seat: The seat is definitely roomy. Harper was comfortable in the seat, and had plenty of head room. Brody was just as comfortable, and due to the adjustable leg rest and the foot plate on the frame, he was able to comfortably rest is feet.  The parent facing option is always really nice to have, especially with a lay flat option for the kiddos!  The fabric is very nice, and easy to keep clean. One thing to point out is that the seat sits at a slight recline. It annoyed me when I first noticed because this usually ends in Harper trying her hardest to pull herself upright…but, she seemed very comfortable with the position of the seat and just chilled.  The  belly bar comes with the seat and can be opened from one side making it easy for the kids to hop in and out.  Most strollers these days don’t come with any accessories, but the Balios M comes with the belly bar!  It’s just one less thing I have to convince my Husband that we “NEED!” #winning



Push: I have to knock off a few points here. If this is going to be your mall, target, errand stroller, BUY IT!!!  It’s an easy one hand push, and the handlebar is adjustable for maximum comfort. Now, if you are looking for something that can handle all that plus gravel, bumpy side walks, etc. this is not for you. The Balios M has foam filled rubber all terrain (never flat and lockable front wheels), BUT, and that’s a big but, this did not do well on Chicago’s craptastic sidewalks.  Although I could still handle the stroller with one hand, it just felt rough. You could feel every single bump, crack, etc. Inside the mall, it was smooth as can be. The stroller has great maneuverability and based on your needs, could be a phenomenal everyday stroller.

Fold: Easy peasy. It’s not your typical fold, but, it can be done with one hand AND keeps the seat protected which is a win in my book. Basically, you fold the seat into itself, and then fold the frame second. I was a little iffy at first…I like things to be quick and painless and my first thought was that it’s too many steps. But, after a few trips in and out of the car, I started looking forward to folding the stroller… is that weird? Probably. I felt like I was doing a fancy demo each time because it doesn’t take a lot of oomph. Pop the seat over, turn and pull on the bar and it’s done. No sweating,  using my knee to hike it into my trunk, no broken nails…you catch my drift.  It also stands while folded… Balios M fold = awesomeness

Storage:  The basket is large! I love a large basket!! My only gripe is that everything is easiest to access from the front. The bar to fold the stroller gets in the way of access from the back, although not impossible (see above photo). To give you an idea of the size, I was able to fit 2 full Ju Ju Be Super Be’s in the basket. Due to that, I can look past the accessibility!


This is what the access looks like from the front. Amazing, right!? That’s also the foot plate I was referring to earlier where Brody can rest is feet.



Price: $469.95

Weight: 23lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 55lbs

Suitable from birth with use of the Carry Cot or Car Seat

Folded Dimensions: 14.6″ x 22.4″ x 33″

Open Dimensions: 34″ L x 23″ W x 30-40″ H

Telescoping handlebar

Reversible Seat

All terrain fold filled rubber tires – swivel front wheels


Overall, I reeeeaaaally like the Cybex Balios M.  I think it comes in at a good price point, has nice features, and is made incredibly well. Plus, Cybex Car Seat are the bomb, and this would be a GREAT travel system if paired with one of their seats!


Happy Strolling!


  1. We love our zoo too. However, I am sure the London zoo is WAY more cool than ours here in Nashville. Regardless, it would be sad to say good-bye to such a good “friend” to all of us. I, too, love the pictures and feel very much like Sarah D. Except now it uusllay ends with one starting and within minutes both crying. 🙂