ATST’s Honor Roll – Footmuff Edition

Ugh, cold weather is here, and its here to stay. Can I get a unanimous FML.   Keeping the kids warm in the miserable, bitter cold is rough. Unless you plan on hiding out in the house until sometime in March, you NEED one of the below baby warmers… I figured it was to put out ATST’s Honor Roll of the coziest Footmuffs available! Can I get one in my size please??


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JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me (Toddler & Baby): A+  This is what I use for most of our strollers. It’s easy to put on, universal, and keeps the kids warm. It’s wind and water-resistant, machine washable. The infant size is great for the little monkeys and the Toddler is long enough to give those growing kiddos some leg room. There are slots to thread the straps of the stroller through so they can be still be strapped in. It comes in super cute colors ( I have a hot pink one for Harper and Black for Brody) and is affordable with a $49.95 price tag. This is great if you’ll be outside for a few minutes. If I needed to take a long walk with the kids, you might want to look into something warmer.



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Bugaboo Universal High Performance Footmuff : A-   This footmuff is bad ass. It is SO warm and cozy, I wanted to climb in the stroller myself and take a nap. With the High Performance Footmuff  you get 2 different covers, one for spring/fall weather, and then the heavy-duty cover it meant for a blizzard. It’s stuffed with duck down which keeps your kiddos toasty warm, even in a blizzard! This Footmuff has a Teflon® finish, water & oil- repellent, is windproof and breathable. This Footmuff is perfection, and perfection comes with a hefty price tag of $189.95. If you break the price down into how often you will use it, it’s really not so bad… #helpingyoujustifythis



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7AM Infant Car Seat Cocoon:  A+ I love this little cocoon for many reasons, most important being that it fits snugly OVER the car seat, as opposed to being placed in the car seat.  The 7AM Cocoon fits snugly over top of the seat,  keeping baby safe AND warm! I would gladly pay $59.00 for this little gem! Plus, how adorbs is that hot pink!?!



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UPPAbaby  BabyGanoosh:   A+ Have a Vista or Cruz?  Then this cozy accessory is calling your name and will fit your stroller perfectly! What I love most about the Ub BabyGanoosh is that it can snap all the way up to right under your child’s chin. That’s some serious weather protection! Like many others, it’s windproof, has a water-repellent exterior, and is also machine washable. The BabyGanoosh (I really like saying ganoosh by the way…ha!) comes in 3 colors, is suitable from 3 months to 34 inches and retails for just $89.99.



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JJ Cole Car Seat Cover:  A+ Much like the 7AM Car Seat Cocoon, the JJ Cole Cover goes over the car seat, as opposed to being placed inside. This will definitely keep your little cutie warm and toasty…and if it get’s too warm, you can unzip the top!  This cover is awesome and I love the $29.95 price tag!!


7AM  WarMMuffs  212 :  A++  Um, you didn’t think I would forget about us, did you!?! After all, we’re the ones pushing around those cozy little babes! I am loving these Polar WarMMuffs by 7AM. My hands are always freezing so these are perfect for winter! Treat yourself and grab a par of these. Well worth the $39.00


You really can’t go wrong with any of these awesome Footmuffs! It’s all about preference, budget, and your needs. Obviously if you live in Florida, you will not be needing the Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff…lucky! We personally use the JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me’s and I think they are perfect for quick trips outside.  If we were going to do an outdoor activity, I would probably need to use something a little heavier. This is a definite MUST HAVE if you have any snow in your future… stay warm, folks!


Happy Strolling!




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