City Select vs. Contours Options Elite vs. UPPAbaby Vista

Ask and you shall receive…by popular demand, here is a side by side comparison of the 3 most popular tandem double strollers!

Have at it, folks!


Baby Jogger City Select


Contours Option Elite


UPPAbaby Vista (2015)


Price $499.99 + $169.95 for the second seat $299.99 (use the Buy Buy Baby 20% off coupon!!) $839.99-$879.99 for stroller and $169.99 for RumbleSeat
Stroller Weight (double and Single) 28lbs (single) 36lbs (double) 38 lbs 27.5 lbs (single) 33 lbs (double RumbleSeat weighs 6lbs)
Max Weight Capacity 45 lbs per seat 40 lbs per seat 50 lbs Toddler Seat and 35 lbs RumbleSeat
Adjustable Leg Rest Yes Yes Yes
Folds With Both Seats No Yes Yes
Wheels 8″ front swivel wheel & 10″ rear wheels 8″ front swivel wheel & 10″ rear wheels 8″ front swivel wheels and 11.5″ rear wheels
One Hand Push No (my wrists will never be the same) Yes (with a little muscle) Yes (effortlessly)
Curb Hop No No Yes
Storage Basket Large/easy to access Large/easy to access HUGE!!
Warranty Frame has lifetime warranty/all other parts are 1 year 1 year warranty 2 years (3 years if you register the product within 3 months!)
Seating Arrangements Not as functional as they seem… Although you have many variations, they just aren’tvery  functional. If you have the bottom seat facing forward and the main seat parent facing, the seats cannot recline. Not even an inch! When both seats are facing forward, you can’t really recline them without squishing one of the kiddos tiny feet. The best set up for this stroller is when it’s used with one toddler, and a newborn in their car seat (using the car seat adapters). Plenty to choose from! My fave? Both seats can face eachother!!! That almost never happens with tandem doubles! I find the COE seating arrangements to be the most functional. There is enough space between the seats that the kids are comortable, and actually have leg room. The Bomb. You can pretty much recline your seats in any position your stroller loving heart desires. My favorite set up is having the rumble seat forward facing, and the top seat parent facing and FULLY reclined for nap time. Yeah, you read that right. I said FULLY reclined. All that awesomeness does have a few flaws… see blow 
Car Seat Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Handlebar Yes, telescoping No Yes, telescoping
Travel Friendly No Not really, but doable. Yes, but only if you use their travel bag!
Cons The second seat placement (right on tops of the front wheels), seating variations, the push, and the fold. I think it’s great that Baby Jogger kept their easy fold on the City Select, but my shins have permanent damage from being slammed into when I folded it.  Also, everything is separate. Belly bars, snack trays, etc. I don’t love the feel of the fabric on the canopy, and the fact that it doesn’t stay taught when you recline the seat. I also wish the handlebar was adjustable! I don’t love the size of the rumble seat. In a perfect stroller world, the rumble seat would have a higher weight capacity, adjustable leg rest, and deeper seat. I wish there was a little more room between the leg rest on the main seat and the rumble seat. I also don’t love the price tag… Ha!

I am being really picky here….

Pros I love that you have the ability to use this stroller from the birth of your first child, to your second, and even third! You can add on the Baby Jogger glider board, and you have an instant triple stroller! I love the quality of the fabric and frame, and the forever air tires are awesome! I also love that both seats are the same size and have the same weight capacity.  I LOVE all the bang for your buck on this one!! Out of the box you get both seats, belly bars, car seat adapter, AND parent cup holder. I love the space between the seats, and I love that they upgraded the tires from the older version and gave the Elite a great push! This stroller is not compact, but, it has everything you need in a double stroller at an affordable price! I call that a Mom win!  Everything. I love the seating variations, push, ease of fold, and quality! All jokes aside, this stroller is well worth the steep price tag. At least you get some belly bars with your seats! This is another stroller that will take you from your first baby, to your last.  




What I don’t like about a stroller, you may love. My recommendation? Go to the store, borrow a friends child if you need to in order to so you can try out both seat (I’m 100% serious), and push that bad boy around. Fold it, unfold it, turn every corner of that store. Your double stroller should be easy to use, comfortable for the kids, and make life a little easier 🙂

Happy Strolling!!

2 thoughts on “City Select vs. Contours Options Elite vs. UPPAbaby Vista

  1. Diana says:

    It may be trouble, but briignng your own stroller helps cut down on germ introduction from previous users of public strollers. Also, your own stroller is familiar to you and your child, and all the ways your stroller feels to your child will be there, even the smell of your stroller (not that it stinks), but we are comforted on many sensory levels, and smell is one of them. Anything you can bring with you that speaks of home to your child will be a comfort to him/her in a place where there are lots and lots of unfamiliar things, including, I suppose, the baby bed unless you are planning to bring your pack n play with you also. May cut down on crankiness and fussiness in general if you have brought things that will be familiar to your baby. I know the pack n play is heavy, but it does fold up fairly easily (I have one, I’m a grandmother) and because it was first used at her house, my granddaughter could go right to sleep in it. Very familiar to her. Happy cruising!

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