ATST Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Ho, ho, ho! The Holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to stop procrastinating, and start shopping! #haventboughtonethingyet #theresstilltime

This post is dedicated to all those Husbands (hey babe, make sure you read this!!) out there trying to figure out what in the hell to get their Baby Gear loving Wife for the Holidays. Have no fear gentlemen, I’ve got you covered!!

  1.   Ju Ju Be Super Be in First Lady ($60.00)


The Ju-Ju-Be Super Be is probably my favorite bag they have. It’s so roomy and versatile, every Mama needs one in her collection! You can use this as a diaper bag, over night bag, gym bag, work, bag, etc. The possibilities are endless! The Super Be comes in so many fun prints, but, my favorite is the First Lady! Black and white stripes never go out of style are a great way to make our “Mom Dress Code” (aka yoga pants and a messy bun) look a little  more put together!


2. Thule Urban Glide or Urban Glide 2 ($399.95 single and $649.95 double on Amazon)


Thule is on this list for a few reasons. 1. It’s starting to snow and it’s freakishly cold outside. It sucks. Sometime around March your wife will decide that she wants to get active, get outside and go for a run with the kids. This will most likely never happen (or maybe I’m just the only lazy one)… BUT, it’s still nice to have the option and a stroller that candle snowy terrains!  2. The basket has a zippered cover that keeps everything safe and protected from not so great weather! Love that! 3. It’s really pretty!  Yes, that is a real reason. The Urban Glide or Urban Glide 2 are even great for every day use because they’re fairly light weight, easy to fold, and can handle anything from errands to a long run in the frigid cold.


3. 7AM Polar WarMMuffs  ($44.00)


Winter is here and it’s here to stay. Keep those hands toasty warm while you’re pushing the little one around in this miserable weather. I love this as a gift for Moms and Dads because it’s probably not something you would typically get for yourself. This is one of those gifts you’ll get, and wonder how you ever lived without them!


4.  Nuna Leaf ($229.95)


The Nuna Leaf is a super cozy bouncer for your baby…or even toddler! It’s compact so it doesn’t take up too much space, and it will actually look great in your living room! Plus, it holds up to 130 lbs!!! Talk about bang for your buck. Toddlers can sit in this seat and be totally comfortable! Hell, I can sit in the seat and be comfortable! A safe, comfortable place for your child to sit is a must have! How else are you suppose to go to the bathroom alone!?!  #justaddedthistomychristmaslist


5. UPPAbaby G-LINK ($499.99 – $529.00)


Yesssssssss! The G-LINK is here!! It’s new and everyone with two kids wants one!! This little gem weighs in at 24.5 lbs, each seat holds up to 50 lbs, has independent flat reclines, can be used from birth (comes with two infant head supports), AND folds in one easy step! Make running errands with the babes a little easier for everyone and pre-order the UPPAbaby G-LINK!! #justdoit


6. Wine


Do I even need to explain myself here? To make this gift extra special, get THIS super amazing wine tumblr…


7. Ju Ju Be Be Prepared ( $200.00)


If you are in the market for a new diaper bag, travel bag, or overnight/hospital bag, the Be Prepared is just what you’ve been looking for. It’s BIG!! There are so many pockets to keep the bag organized, and a Mommy Pocket for all of your Mommy needs. I love this bag so much! It’s every over-packers dream bag! The pockets keep everything in its place and my OCD self happy. If you want to bring everything and the kitchen sink with you when you leave the house, the Be Prepared is for you. It’s a winner for sure!


8. Hunter Boots ($150.00)


Like how put these one on here, ladies? These are a total necessity! Sloshing through the snow with two kids is a nightmare. Especially when your boots are getting all wet, and snow is getting inside! Hunter Boots are perfect for winter. Just pair them with their fleece liners and you have super cute, easy to clean winter boots! Plus, grab these in red and pair them with that First Lady Super Be or Queen of the Nile Ju-Ju-Be above and you are looking like one hot mama!!


9. Nuna Tavo ($349.95)


Clearly, I have a thing for Nuna. I know I’m not alone though! The Nuna Tavo is a new light weight stroller that has everything you’re looking for.  Super flat recline, spacious seat that holds up to 50 lbs, large basket, compact fold, and easy-peasy push! I’ll take one in every color, please! Any stroller loving Mama (or Dad) will absolutely love adding the Tavo to their line-up.


10. Tula Baby Carrier ($149.00)


Caw, Caw!! Tula in the Wild!!! If you are a Tula lover, you know what that was all about. If you’re not, then you probably think I’ve officially lost my mind! I LOVE, like, seriously love, Tulas! They are soooo comfortable and come in the most adorable prints and colors! How cute is the “enDEERing” print pictured!? Tulas are Ergonomic Baby Carriers. They come in Standard and Toddler size, and are comfortable for the kids and leave your back, pain-free. If you get one baby carrier, make it this one. You won’t regret it!


11. Bugaboo Donkey (I refuse to put the price as it may deter the Husbands from buying…LOL)


If you really want to splurge on a gift for your loved one, this would be the ultimate baby gear gift. If you’ve gone one child, this stroller is one bad mama jama! There’s an awesome side basket you use in mono mode that’s pretty life changing. If you’ve got two kids, the Donkey in Duo mode is arguably the best double stroller on the market. Buy this stroller and your wife will be the happiest baby gear addict on the planet! #lovehasnopricetag #buythedonkey


Any of the above would make a great gift for any Baby Gear lover! A glass of wine while opening up a new  Ju-Ju-Be bag or UPPAbaby G-LINK? Yes please!!!! Whatever gift you decide on, make it your own and add a little special touch to it 😉

Wishing you all Happy Holidays spent with the ones you love!

Happy Strolling