Sew Sassy. Stages of an Icing Addict.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a message telling me to check out Sew Sassy Boutique. I went to the FB page,  thought the pants were super cute, and decided we probably needed to get a pair. I did the same, and passed on this info to my other friend. We quickly decided we needed jump on this whole ruffle pants bandwagon. They are insanely cute, and turns out, highly addicting.

Last week was our first stocking to try and score some Icings (they call the pants Icings). I scored (whoop, whoop!!) because I quickly realized this was like a Tula or Kinderpack situation. You need to bring your A game and cart like your life depends on it. My friend on the other hand, did not score. I had made my purchase, drank a glass of wine, and she was still chatting about what sizes and colors she wanted. I assumed she had just bought all the Icings and was deciding on what she was keeping…WRONG. I am still laughing over when she realized what had just happened. #sewsad #inventoryissues #noicingsforyou


Harper sporting her Soft White Icings! She’s in size 18months with some room to grow 🙂

In lieu of tonight’s stocking (good luck, Mamas!!) I thought I would post the stages of Icing addiction…at least for us…

This is what my life has come to.

Stage 1: What are these ruffle pants? They call them Icings?? Weird…. But so cute. We might need a pair.

Stage 2: Stocking at 7:30!? What the F is a stocking!? I can’t just buy them? This is ridiculous. We totally do not need ruffle pants THAT bad.

Stage 3: Don’t effing talk to me people! 3 minutes until they stock these Soft White Icings!! I NEED all the Icings!!

Stage 4: Inventory Issues.

Stage 5: Stalk the Buy/Sell/Trade page and pay $50 for Icings because if you don’t get them for your daughter,  you have officially failed as a Mother.

Stage 6: You are going to make this stocking your bitch. Three computers up. Wine in hand. Ready, Set, cart those little ruffle pants like it’s your job!!

Stage 7: Pray to the Icing Gods your Husband isn’t home when 15 pairs of ruffle pants arrive.

Stage 8: Officially replace “so” with “sew” in every conversation. #sewserious

You may be laughing at me now, but just you wait. The Sew Sassy Boutique addiction is real. On a serious note though, these pants are sew AMAZING. The quality is fantastic and they make any outfit just that much more precious! We are totally in love with our Icings! I promise you need some of these in your life.

May the odds be ever in your favor tonight…


Happy Carting!