Crane Cool Mist Humidifier AND Giveaway!


Y’all, I have a confession. I have a slight issue with buying humidifier’s. I was never able to find one that lasts, doesn’t get disgusting mold, and is easy to keep clean and re-fill. Until now. Hellllooooo Crane!!! Where have you been all my life?? Oh, and did I mention our new humidifier is a UNICORN! #iloveunicorns


Ok, so it all started 3 years ago. I bought B a humidifier and 3 weeks later (even though I cleaned it religiously) I found MOLD! Yuck. This happened 4 more times. Even with a super expensive humidifier from Sharper Image. Maybe it was me, but I don’t think it was because I yet to have a problem with our Crane Cool Mist humidifier. Did I mention it’s a Unicorn already? I can’t even with all of this cuteness!!!!

Why I love it: We live in Chicago and it get’s incredibly dry in the winter. The Crane Cool Mist humidifier increases moisture in the room for the kiddos which gives them a better night sleep. The added moister relieves cough, cold, flu symptoms, etc. and is also amazing for Brody’s  severe eczema! It helps with preventing his skin from getting too dry which is a HUGE deal for us.

What makes it better (in my opinion): Everything I listed above. Plus, It features Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the Base is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%* and has an Auto-Off function that activates when the tank is empty. It doesn’t need a filter which I LOVE and is easy to re-fill. That may sound silly but I actually tossed a humidifier because it was a giant PIA to re-fill! It’s More energy-efficient than a household light bulb – up to 45W and has a 1 year warranty. I seriously appreciate how easy this is to maintain and use. You will too 😉


Why the kids love it: Um, hello! It’s a UNICORN!! Unicorns aren’t your jam? Don’t worry. The Humidifier comes in 23 adorable animals and even a train! Brody requested the “choo-choo” for his room and I can’t blame him. It’s pretty cool! If you want something a little more simple, they have 22 different style to choose from in the Drop humidifier. Something for everything. I’m like a small child and will probably need to buy the Hello Kitty Humidifier for my room because it’s too darn cute! #dontjudgemeyouknowyouwantitoo

How I keep it clean: The best way to combat any ickiness is so clean it a few ties a week. I let the tank soak in white vinegar and water and clean the base the same way. I never let the humidifier sit for more than 3 days without a good cleaning.  Stick to the manual and you will be good!

Con: No white noise setting. The Crane Cool Mist Humidifier is whisper quiet which is awesome, but I also like having the option of some white noise. Besides that, I love it!


Crane Lifestyle (Unicorn EE-8249) 006

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Go get a Crane Humidifier!! Like, yesterday. They also have nifty little portable Humidifier’s for your desk, office, or to bring with you when you travel! If this were a political campaign, I would Vote for crane! 😉


Happy Strolling!

91 thoughts on “Crane Cool Mist Humidifier AND Giveaway!

  1. Beth Pelc says:

    We would love the unicorn! We live north of Chicago and know what you mean by the dry air in the winter! My kids would benefit from this and love to see the unicorn 🙂 (if I commented twice, sorry, it told me I was commenting too fast and then it didn’t show up)

  2. Katie Rylko says:

    Then unicorn looks soo cute, my girls would love one! Also having issues with a good humidifier. …

  3. Jessica Livingston says:

    I love the crane humidifiers and their designs are so cute! I need the unicorn for my daughter’s room!

  4. Emily D says:

    I’ve never seen the Choo-Choo before, how cute! That would be perfect for my son’s nursery

  5. Kimberly says:

    I think my daughter would like the unicorn the best. My son would be so impressed with the All Aboard train design.

  6. Carrie Lee says:

    My favorite Crane humidifier is the Hello Kitty one for my daughter Kinley because she’s her favorite character! However, the unicorn is a close second!! Thanks for the chance to win one. We need a new humidifier. Ours is very old and we have a new baby coming next month as well👣 I’m sure it would come in very handy.

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Oooh I adore the unicorn!! I mean really… is there anything better?!?! I am normally a hippo swayer but the unicorn wins this one in my book!!

  8. Keri Justice says:

    Oh my gosh they’re all super cute. I think I like the hippo he best out of all of them. But I keep changing my mind!

  9. Gabby Anderson says:

    My son is a super big fan of his trains so definitely love the ALL ABOARD! it’s super cute my son would absolutely love it in his nursery ❤️

  10. Jodi Armstrong says:

    They are all so cute it’s hard to chose one favorite. The hippo is really cute and the ladybug too.

  11. Maryann says:

    These humidifiers are adorable. My favorite is Daphnie The Duck, but I do wish they had a Teddy Bear one. My daughter loves her teddys

  12. Mariela Lopez says:

    This humidifier seems amazing. I would love to have one. The monkey is my favorite and I’m sure my mini would love it too!!

  13. Monika says:

    I was always looking for “no filter humidifier” and nice looking. My little boy loved “choo-choo” train. Will be happy to use one of them. 🙂

  14. Amanda Miano says:

    This would be so awesome to win. We have the lamb one for my 3 month old, but I love the unicorn its so adorable. My 4 year old daughter would love it for her princess room.

  15. Clarissa I says:

    We have 3 turtles so if there was an adorable turtle I’d chose that ! Haha. I would LOVE the drop humidifier, tickle your fancy. The all pink will look so pretty in any room!

  16. Renee Smith says:

    There are so many cute ones but I really like the alien model. It’s not an animal style, but it’s my favorite so far!

  17. Koren says:

    I would love to win one for me twins! They are either always stuffy from allergies or have a cold and it would help them so much, plus look AMAZING in their room! 🙂

  18. Caitlin says:

    #teamunicrorn 🦄 I’ve been trying to decide which humidifier I want for my dd. She hasn’t been able to get rid of a cough since November and the humidifier we had got nasty 😷

  19. Ashley says:

    These are just too cute and would this mommy’s life so much easier!! Everything about it is just amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win one!! 💚💙💛💜

  20. Sandra Caballero says:

    Love the unicorn for my 19 months old daughter to sleep good in her room. It dry in our apartment.

  21. sharon b says:

    I love ALL ABOARD!. It’s simple and my boys love trains. We have a frog but need another one for my other son’s room.

  22. Jennifer says:

    We have a Crane humidifier and LOVE it! So ready top use and clean and pretty to look at (she has the pink dewdrop)! I think she would LOVE the unicorn, though, and I know I would love to win it for her and donate the pink one to a new mommy friend 🙂

  23. Ashley kitchens says:

    Super cute!! My girls would LOVE this and we have been searching for one. Perfect timing 😊

  24. aimee place says:

    I like the elephant. (sorry if there is a double comment, I’m not sure my first one worked)

  25. Stacy Barber says:

    This is great and with all the choices its great to go with any style or decor that you or that you have decorated for your children

  26. Robyn says:

    This is so cute! I really like the monkey one 🐵! My son is 6 months and i always run the humidifier in him room while he’s sleeping. I also live in chicago and these cold dry winters are awful sometimes. I can already tell my son is going to be a monkey so that would be my choice for the character humidifier. 💙💦

  27. Michele P says:

    Love the selection of animals available…something for everyone, even teens and adults. In Maine it also gets super dry in the winter time with the forced hot air furnace we have, so we tend to use a humidifier when needed but like you said, many turn moldy after a little while so I was glad to read that you have had a positive experience with this one and the Clean Control microbacterial material in the base is a definite plus!

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