Stages of LuLaRoe Addiction…


I’m starting to think I have an addictive personality. First it was strollers followed by diaper bags. Then came Sew Sassy pants for little miss….now the addiction is for myself, and it’s called LuLaRoe. A.K.A buttery soft goodness. I guess I could be addicted to worse things so I’ll look at it as a positive… Insert my Husband rolling his eyes RIGHT HERE.

A few months back, a local LuLaRoe Consultant asked me to try out some leggings and see what I thought. I didn’t really think much of it and said sure when she asked. Obviously the first thing I did was google LuLaRoe;  My research turned up one thing: the leggings were, well, loud. I was not used to loud and was not sure how I felt about the leggings but didn’t want to make any assumptions until I got them on my body. I couldn’t find anything on their website so I figured I would just wait for my leggings to arrive and didn’t give it another thought.

Fast forward to the day my leggings arrived. Oh. My. God. are the words that came out of my mouth. In that moment, I knew I would never put on regular pants again…ever! #5weeksandgoingstrong

Welcome to the stages of a LuLaRoe Addict…

Stage 1: What is LuLaRoe? Is it Lu-La-Row? Lu-La-Roo? Why can’t I buy it on their website? This is frustrating…. but I’m in intrigued…How the heck do I buy them!??!

Stage 2: Dude. Who is going to wear leggings with Pineapples on them? Not me.  Do these come in black?

Guess what...I bought Pineapple leggings. #eatingmywords

Guess what…I bought Pineapple leggings. #eatingmywords

Stage 3: ::Mailman arrives with leggings:: These are really soft, I wonder how they fit. Probably awful. ::puts leggings on::  Woah, woah, woah!!!! These are the most amazing leggings to ever touch my body! How are they one size!?! What kind of sorcery is this??

Stage 4: Buy all the leggings.

Stage 5: Who is Irma? Everyone keeps talking about how Irma is their BFF. I need to meet her…

Stage 6: Oh heeeey, Irma. You are two sizes too big. Probably should have listened to everyone telling me to SIZE DOWN. But you are cute…I think I need more of you, and maybe your little friend Cassie too…

Stage 7: Join 450 Shopping groups and the LuLaRoe BST pages and make your mail carrier wish he/she had a different  route…. (the moment you hit “join” is where it all goes down hill… in a really good, expensive way).


Actual Screen Shot from my phone. I’ll just let you guys think this is all of the groups I’m in… #ineedtochargemyphonebeforethenextpopup


Stage 8: What’s a Unicorn? I don’t see a Unicorn on that floral dress? What are these women talking about. Let me do a little research…


Stage 10: Find said Unicorn and refuse to pay $150 for it.

Stage 11: Pay $150 for your Unicorn.

Stage 12 a: Learn what pattern mixing is and make it your b****.


Yep. I am wearing floral leggings and an arrow print Irma… And no, I don’t care if you think it matches or not.

Stage 12 b: Put on your favorite Pineapple leggings and striped Irma you thought were so ridiculous 4 weeks earlier and walk into Target like you’re Bey at the Grammy’s. #whoruntheworld

Stage 13: Sign on to be a LuLaRoe Consultant so your Husband can’t distinguish what’s yours and what’s inventory. #truestory #justkiddingbabe #noimnot


Ok, ok, ok. All joking aside, LuLaRoe is AMAZING. It’s so much more than just clothing. The support the women give each other in the groups is off the chain!! There is no body shaming, no worry about size, no judgment because your DISO is the Turdma. We are all there because we love the way we feel in LuLaRoe. I’m in hundreds of groups on Facebook ranging from Mommy/Baby to Garage Sale groups and I can honestly say the LuLaRoe pages are filled with positivity ( Ok, like 90% of the time it’s positive…until Consultants change their group setting and everyone get PISSED) and encouragement to be yourself. I love that. Rock on ladies!! Do you.



Happy Strolling!


DISO = Desperately In Search Of.

Turdma = Irma that looks like it has turds on it.

That is all.

Wait! if you ever want to shop with my addicted self once I make it through the LONG list of Consultants to be, CLICK HERE! 🙂 XOXOX

Ok, that is all. For real this time.


  1. This literally made me laugh out loud many times! Either I need to stop following you or I need to go check out this LuLaRoe…..:)

    • I bought my first pair of leggings in January and now own 8, an irma, a classic t, a nicole, an Amelia and my 3 year old has a mommy and me set of leggings and a dds dress. I should onboard in less than 2 weeks! Eep!

  2. I laughed so hard because I feel like this is every stage I went through! I went from not having a clue what LuLaRoe is to owning over 20 pieces in one month!!! And yes….. I have those same pineapple leggings!

  3. This is amazing and really made my morning!! Thanks for the honesty and the laugh 🙂 And I literally did become a consultant so my husband wouldn’t know which was which!! #sorrynotsorry 🙂

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. #truth #ijustheardofLLRinjanuary #signeduplessthanamonthlater

  5. This is great! I was an addict turned consultant and truly feel that being such an addict has attributed greatly to our success…no complaints here!!! If anyone wants to hear more about how I sold $18,000 in my first full month, I am more than willing to share my story with others in LulaRoe or those that may like to be!

    • Wow I hope I do that well! I Found Lularoe in February, I now own over 40 pairs leggings, not including five mommy me sets, four Nicole’s two with matching dds, 10 Maxi’s, two Irma’s, and one randy. I am now in my final stage of addiction, after creating a group where I host pop ups to support my Lularoe addiction, with now over 3,000 members, I decided….why not just sell?!? So I’m currently waiting on my onboarding call. Everything she said was dead on truth! Lol my addiction was so bad, my bank put a security hold on my bank account because of too much activity to one place…….yep! LULAROE baby! I’m a single mom of 7 children and I know I’m facing obstacles but this is a great opportunity for a new life for us! After leaving a 7 year abusive relationship, recovering from true addictions, my children and I deserve this chance, and I’m gonna make it happen! So remember the name ladies…GLORIA ADAMS. You will hear/see it again! 😉 best wishes and love to you all xo

  6. This is EXACTLY what happened to me! I bought a pair because my friend hosted a party online. I rolled my eyes at the prints and went for a neutral print pair. Fast forward to five months later and I am a part of 15-20 groups and I’ve got 40 or so pairs of leggings (including pineapples and Sasquatch) along with many other pieces.

  7. You would look amazing in a Julia dress. The Julia is definitely my favorite in addition to the leggings, Irma and Randy tops!

  8. This is so spot on! You caught the exact feelings and realities! I have so many notifications from LuLa groups that I’m in that my phone app is always showing 30 notifications but when I click on it its more like 70-100! I was recently counting all the stuff I have bought and at this rate, I should have just signed on to be a consultant 9 weeks ago. I have 46 pairs of leggings, 3 Julias, 1 Amelia, 8 Irmas, 7 Classics, 1 Perfect, 7 Cassies, 3 Azures, 5 Maxis, and 2 DDS, plus more stuff on the way. I should have invested my money wisely but I never thought I would become addicted like this! I need to convince my husband to just let me on board and be a Consultant. ❤ #9WeeksIn

  9. well there! as I had commented earlier on a post, saying I had ABSOLUTELY LOVED the leggings the lady was rockin in, did I mention.. I ADORED these, well Needless to say, I went on asking
    -how do I go about making a purchase, –cost of leggings etc.
    * Her reply was “She has a sale on her group, every Saturday!! ¡¿ Ladies, I truly am anxiously awaiting to figure this ALL out about LuLaRoe?!¿¡
    –¡>¿> (as you’ve stated in the above ^ just how exactly do we pronounce & what is LuLaRoe? is it Lu-La-Row? Lu-La-Roo?
    FYI&A Thank You: I NOW have learned just a little bit more about Lu-La-Roe (because of YOU) 😉😍👖💄🎀👓👑👍🙌👉👈💨🙈🙉🙊

  10. OMG! Me, to a T. I did EXACTLY the same thing with my pineapple leggings…that I LOVE!!!

  11. I am definitely a Stage 2 “baby” LuLaRoe “addict”. My first taste of “LuLaRoe substance” was a Classic Tee with cassette tape print. Loove it! Have yet to “taste” the buttery soft leggings. Too scared to do it because I just know I will be hooked!

  12. I am so far past addiction I can’t afford to get help because I’ve spent my entire life savings on LuLaRoe. You’re spot on with the levels of addiction, however; I:m not a consultant and can’t seem to convince my husband that the UPS guy has made yet another mistake by delivering stuff to our home. I’m currently best friends with Cassie, but she ALWAYS seems to insist that we invite Irma along! I’m now in so many groups that I can’t even keep up with what I’m supposed to be hiding from the old man! Dear God, help……

  13. I’m definitely at stage 9 because I’m still able to refuse to pay over retail. My daughter actually got me hooked. She’s definitely stage 10, lol.

        • I bought my first pair 3days ago and got fm directed to u and a few other ppl with sight reguarding lularoe. Can’t wait to get mine and try on. I seriously can’t stop laughing at u, I love ur enthusiasm, ur drive, ur pure honesty. It’s ppl like u that can make shop without trying on anything. Especially when u don’t have knowledge of the product and don’t know someone personally that already owns some. I’m not a person scared to go to Walmart in my pj’s, but would be the person to say I ain’t wearing pineapple legging and then buy some and love them, if my daughter don’t steal them from me, lol. I love ur blog and am looking forward to reading more and following u thru ur journey.
          P.S. I’m not really laughing at u , but laughing with u, as well as many others…. And my husband rolls his eyes at me too…
          And can someone posts link/or add me/ refer me to other site pertaining to this product, trade/ swap/resale.

  14. I too am a LulaRoe addict. Yes to the 450 groups I check every day! Yes to the Irma, Cassie, Perfect. Oh, and the Maxi. Azure. OMG somebody stop me…..get out of my way!! Here’s wishing all of your readers a buttah butt day!!

    • It’s either a hard to find print you are desperately in search of or a print you LOVE and is your “unicorn”…. LOL 🙂

  15. I’m firmly at stage 7, with a side of 12. It’s been suggested that I jump into stage 13 in order to support my addiction (So, THAT’S how addicts become dealers!), but I’m not at all convinced I have time for it. THANKS SO MUCH for referencing groups I can join! 🙂

    • Love this!!! (((And I have those flower leggings and you’re making me want the red arrow Irma!!)))))

  16. Ok. I am in love with you! Please come inteoduce yourself to me at convention! Where are you from? I coordinate the Incentive Travel for LuLaRoe. I can’t wait to meet you!
    Charise Johnson

    • Hi!!! I will be at Chicago Convention on 5/4! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Fingers crossed I will be on boarded by then!

      Thank you so much for reading my post!!! 🙂

  17. You forgot one…. Your thumb has TTS- thumb tunnel syndrome (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome) due to the repeatative scrolling while looking for your unicorn!!!!

  18. You’re funny! I just completed stage 3, but it was even more awesome because my first purchase was matching leggings for me and my little miss. Ohmygoodness let the addiction begin! Bring on the pineapples and bring on the {matching} unicorns!

  19. Turdma, was that the pinecones? I think I questioned that one on my consultant’s group. Lol

  20. This article is so freaking hilarious this is honestly what happen to me I might had skipped a few steps but I completely felt in love with it !

    Join/check out my page @VIP LULAROE DEE PENNALA on Facebook
    And check out what’s LuLaRoe has for you ! So many opportunity such giving company 💜

  21. you forgot the last stages!!
    Instead of joining….
    stage 13 – rejoice that the majority of your clothes are now LLR
    Stage 14 -dutifully do separate loads of laundry and hang to dry
    Stage 15 – start to notice pilling and other material issues despite following wash instructions
    Stage 16 – begin to wonder if you really like clothes that need special washing and STILL wear out after two uses.
    Stage 17 – try selling on one of those BST sites
    Stage 18 – GET RID OF half your LLR and make it a smaller portion of your wardrobe
    Stage 19 – never buy LLR again.

    • I have several LulaRoe and washed several times and they are still going strong no pilling

      • I have lots of LulaRoe, including the leggings, and one of the things I love besides being comfy and cute, is no pilling of the material.

    • This makes me sad! I’m sorry you fell out of love and had a hard time with your clothing! But sadly that can happen with any brand. I had $200 jeans year after one month! Totally stinks but that didn’t make me stop buying them. I have 2 pairs that have lasted 3 years. Products change, companies evolve and grow! If clothing makes you feel good, that’s amazing!! If it doesn’t, no harm in trying something else. 🙂

  22. Check out my favorite LLR consultant Becky’s page:
    She is the one that introduced me to LLR and now I’m an addict myself 🙂 I love it so much!
    Becky keeps a ton of inventory-so the pickings are great! The do an online sale every Saturday – love it! Best customer service ever. You will be hooked!!💜

  23. Haha😂 I love it! I am definetly an addict 💜 I love LLR. I’m still not as brave for the loud leggings – but I’m in love with solids 🙂 haha

  24. LOL ‼️ I am 71 and I am an addict !!!
    My daughter took me to a LuLaRoe party –
    Big mistake ‼️ Now she occasionally rolls her
    eyes at my leggings. My 15 yr. old grandson says Cool, Nanny. Same daughter says she just can’t wear such loud leggings – poor child.
    Maybe as she ages, she will be more adventurous. Azure, Maxi, Classic T, Irma, and of course Leggings — LOVE THEM ALL.

  25. Love this!!!! Ps: I have an xxs turdma 😳😂😂 I pattern mixed yesterday and it was amazing

  26. LuLaRoe rocks!! I will never stop buying. It’s so soft and comfortable and perfect for anyone! Love it!

  27. So true !! I started with maxis..and it’s continued fir 2+ years.. Now it’s Nicole’s .

  28. I had to laugh at this because I JUST posted about leggings that look like Grandmas couch. LOVE the counterpoint and you are hilarious.

  29. Couldn’t have said it better myself!. Saying hello to you from that long list of quebies✋🏻(I feel the need to start a mailman support group. I meet her at the box so she doesn’t angrily stuff my good stuff in the box.)

  30. This is hilarious! And my thoughts exactly! Please watch my Parody on LLR- its COMPLETELY on the same page as your blog post! Let me know if you like it and please share! Thanks so much!
    <3 LLR!!!