Stages of the Queue #queuelife

God give me strength. Please. Give me strength.

Have you ever wanted something SO bad you literally feel like you could cry when you think about it. I mean, REALLY BAD. Like when you go on a no carb diet and someone is 50 feet away from you with a cracker in their purse and you can smell it. You want it SO bad you could cry.

That’s a horrible example but you get what I’m saying. This is where I’m at. I am to the point of no return. I eat, sleep, and breathe LuLaRoe. I read post after post trying to gain the knowledge I need to be successful. To be help my team be successful. I see negative posts and feel this overwhelming urge to jump in and be like “LISTEN UP! STOP TALKIN’ NASTY ABOUT MY LULAROE!!’ then I have to remind myself that 1. it’s not MY LuLaRoe. It’s everyone’s LuLaRoe. and 2. I haven’t on boarded and should shut my mouth because I know nothing. But still, I have this need to defend and support. I WILL be part of this T.E.A.M soon. I support them to the end. Kind of like the Captain on the Titanic… I’m going down with you to the end sister!

Side note* if we were all on a LLR boat and it started to sink, I would legit be the last person off because I am TERRIFIED of fish. But I will let you all think I am just super brave…. 😉

Anyways, I was laying on my couch thinking of this craziness and how I am just obsessing daily about this amazing journey. I know my fellow Queue buddies feel somewhat similar… or maybe not…Maybe I am the only bat sh** crazy one feeling this way…. but, I thought maybe I could put this in to words and help us see the light at the end of this legging filled journey.

Welcome to the Stages of the Queue. (I am literally laughing out loud right now)

Stage 1: ::message to a consultant:: Hi, I would love to learn more about becoming a Consultant! Can you share some information with me?

Stage 2: ::Reviews information:: ::nearly faints at the investment:: BABE!!! Do we have a spare 5 grand lying around I don’t know about!?! No? Ok, cool. ::message back to consultant: “Thanks, girl! This sounds amazing… I will think about it!!”

Stage 3: Dang. Why can’t I stop thinking about being a LuLaRoe Consultant?

Stage 4: Wake up at 3am researching a way to make this happen.

Stage 5: Tell your Husband to stop lying about the cash he says you don’t have lying around because THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

Stage 6: Send in paperwork. I’ll figure everything out later.

Stage 7: Discover there is a link to the Queue….

Stage 8: Try to find your name on Queue… it’s not there. Why isn’t it there!?! Must be a mistake. I’ll send an email about it…

Stage 9: Tell everyone and their Mother you are becoming a LLR Consultant! People need to know what they are missing!

Stage 10: Check the Queue. Why isn’t my name on there!!??? Did they get my paperwork!? What is happening!? Maybe they didn’t get my email. I’ll just send it just one more time for good measure. I’ll ask my sponsor too. and maybe my upline. Wait, what’s a upline?

Stage 11: Start buying all the LuLaRoe because it’s totally for marketing purposes. (pretty sure my accountant will say otherwise… but a  girl can dream!).

Stage 12: Get on every Inspire Tour LLR Periscope and cry your eyes out when someone shares there Why. Reflect on our Why. Cry a little. Tell everyone you cried watching the Scopes. Cry a little more.

::Periscope notification:: Oh look! Betsy Thompson is posting Julias!! #marketresearch

Stage 13: Check the Queue every 4 hours 7 days a week. WHY ISN’T MY NAME ON THERE!?!!


Stage 14: Dream that you and DeAnne wore the same Amelia to Inspire and you asked her to go live in your group.  ( certainly I can’t be the only one that had this dream???)

Hi DeAnne, I am wearing the pink bows Amelia to Inspire… just sayin’

Stage 15: ::check the Queue with zero expectations:: MY NAME IS THERE. MY NAME IS THERE!!!! Post in every LLR support group in all capital letter that “MY NAME IS IN THE QUEUE!!!!!!!!!” #itotallydidthis #noregrets #bestdayever


yep… this is my post…I was so excited I didn’t even spell check.

Stage 16: You finally realize it’s not about your number in the Queue  or when you are on-boarding…it’s about the amazing woman you have surrounded yourself with and that you may never find something so special like this again.

SO, this is where I’m at right now. I am in awe of this company and what it stands for. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. Words can’t really put it into perspective until you see it firth hand (aka live on Periscope). This company is blessing people’s lives every single day and t’s friggin amazing.

I am still in the Queue, so I can’t really finish this post… But, if I had to take a guess as to how it would end, this is what I imagine…

Stage 17: ::Phone rings:: OMG. OMG. It’s home office!!! Lets me take a screen shot before I answer!! I need to remember this moment!! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!


Man. Down.

Stage 18: Come to after fainting from said call and place your initial order. It’s happening.

Stage 19: Stalk UPS every. single. day.


Stage 20: Inventory arrives. Stare at the boxes. kiss the boxes. take photos with the boxes. Maybe open the boxes and roll around in 500 lbs of LuLaRoe goodies.

Stage 21: Spend 18 hours prepping, planning, and sweating. Rock the heck out of your launch and show everyone what you are made of! #bossbabe


Ladies in the Queue, WE GOT THIS!!! Our time will come! Stay strong, my fiends!! Stay strong.

Ladies who have on-boarded, WHOOOOOOPP!!! You made it.  You have taken all of my money with all of your beautiful inventory you keep posting. Keep on rockin’ chicas! You are really helping me with Marketing 😉



2 thoughts on “Stages of the Queue #queuelife

  1. Zibby Sanders says:

    This is awesome! And so true. Just onboarded myself and felt all of the same reactions. Love your take on it all! Lots of luck when it finally happens. And it’s still crazy nerve racking trying to learn all the “hows” of all the documenting you have to do. I swear I’ll never figure it all out. But they all say I will! Again, best of everything LOL

  2. Kelly Graves says:

    And here I am still working on my husband to let me do the business! I’ll have your blog to keep me encouraged, thanks you! 😊

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