Roe-diculous Summer Stylin’

Hey, hey, heyyyyyy! Howdy stranger! Long time no see. I’ve been a tad busy getting my LuLaRoe Business off the ground and have had no time to post, sleep, or tweezed my eyebrows in like 6 weeks. I’m behind like 2 episodes on the bachelor which is so not cool and feel like a chicken with her head cut off 99% of the time. But hey, at least my outfits are on point, right? #bestdressedheadlesschickeninchicago #yeahijusthashtaggedthat

Tonight is an inventory posting tonight and it’s going to be  AMAAAAAAZING. For once, I am all caught up and have time to blog so today’s styling fun is about the Classic Tee, Perfect Tee, and of course my bestie Irma.

CLASSIC TEE: The Classic Tee is exactly that, classic. It’s comfy, flattering, and goes with everything. You can never have too many Classic Tee’s in your closet, but something I love about the Classic Tee (and all LuLaRoe) is that you can turn it into something completely different in two seconds. May I present to you the Classic Tee and a skirt. Yesssss, honey!

Boeing In The Deep

I slide my Classic Tee down to my waist (I am typically an XXS and this is an XS) and slide one sleeve inside of the tee which makes like a fake pocket, and knot the other sleeve for a fun Summer/Vaca look. This is so perfect for traveling when you need a quick second outfit or even just a beach cover up! Play around with the fit and how it lays…try different classics and see which one works best as a skirt! All of the fabrics are different and can lay differently on the body.  Work that wardrobe and find a fun new way to sport your Classic!

Perfect Tee: The Perfect Tee is perfection. It’s not always a fan favorite at first, but if you the right fit, its pure gold!! I can a wear range from XXS-S depending on the fabric. Super Stretchy/Slinky – XXS. Stretchy – XXS/XS. Cotton blend – XS/S. Fabric type can be a game changer with any clothing, don’t give up on a style because it didn’t work the first time. I get it, no one wants to look like a beached whale in their clothes, but just because something fit weird once, doesn’t mean you should write it off. The Perfect Tee was actually my least favorite style of all the LuLaRoe. I got my first one before I was a Consultant and looked 27  months pregnant. Not cute. But I tried a few more fabrics and sizes and now the Perfect Tee is my go to LuLaRoe top. I have way too many of them and it’s bordering on the edge of an episode of Hoarders, and quite frankly I’m ok with that.

What I’ve notice with the Perfect Tee is that regardless of fabric (aside from the 90% cotton blend) is that they make the best skirt ever!!!The shape if flattering on the hips, thighs, and budonkadonk; while the slits give it a perfect little flare for Summer. If I didn’t already have enough Perfect Tee’s to begin with, I may need to get just a few more to wear as skirts… #mynameisjackieandimaddictedtolularoe

Boeing In The Deep-2

Ignore my ridiculous facial expression. I was going for a “oh la la” look but looks more like I’m catching flies. whatever.

Irma Tunic: You guys know Irma is my girl. I wear her with everything and sometimes I even wear her to bed. If you want to wear the Irma as a top, size DOWN TWO WHOLE SIZES!! I’m serious. If you want to wear Irma as a dress, size up one or 2 sizes from your NORMAL IRMA SIZE. I’m writing that in all caps and it should read like I’m yelling this to you. HA!

Boeing In The Deep-5

As an oversized tunic (I wear normally wear an XXS Irma and this one is a Medium).

Boeing In The Deep-4

Strapless Dress

Whatever your style, whatever your size, whatever your age, LuLaRoe has what your Mama gave you covered (which won’t be see-through in your leggings). I promise if you try just one pair of solid black leggings, you’ll be hooked for life. If you try said pair of leggings and aren’t hooked, then we can’t be friends because you are definitely crazy. #justkidding #forrealthough


That’s all I’ve got folks! I’d like to give a huge shout out to the amazing women and men in my shopping group, Roeing in the Deep, for supporting my small business and helping my Husband understand there are a million LuLa fans out there that are just as nutty as his wife!

See you in the usual spot tonight for some shopping. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Happy Shopping!

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  1. Shawna says:

    Hey I’m trying to figure out if a Xxs classic will fit me. What size do you typically wear and what is your body type if you don’t mind me asking.

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