Wet Kleenex?

It’s 4AM and I can’t sleep. Shocker. I made some coffee and figured I could enjoy a few glorious hours of ME time on the couch watching trashy TV until the kids wake. Just like I do every morning, I sit down, check my email, check my messages, check Facebook. That’s when I was like… UGH. It’s too early for this. As I am scrolling my news feed I come across THE ARTICLE shared by someone who has never worn LuLaRoe. You know which one I’m talking about , the one where it states the leggings are made of “wet kleenex” and that LuLaRoe is being sued over how they previously collected tax from their customers. I say previously because we have a new system that NO LONGER charges tax based on MY location, but yours. Hm. Well, that solves that. YAY!

Anyways… I stopped scrolling and thought to myself – Facebook friend, why did you share this article? You don’t wear LuLaRoe. You’ve never been charged extra tax. You don’t own a pair of  “wet kleenex” leggings. So why? My conclusion is that you don’t KNOW what LuLaRoe is about. I’m here to school ya. In a very polite way.

What is LuLaRoe? It’s clothing.

WHAT?! It’s clothing!? I know, big surprise. But yes, its clothing. It’s affordable clothing that is comfortable, cute, loud and crazy. It’s clothing that makes people feel confident and beautiful. It’s a way for women and men young and old, single or married, gay, straight or transgendered, divorced, widowed, etc. to have a common interest/love for a brand and what it stands for. Which is spreading LuLaLove.

It’s also clothing that has changed lives of those who struggle with chronic illnesses that have finally felt comfortable with what they put their body every day and don’t feel constricted by their clothing. It’s helps those going through Chemo find comfort. Can you believe that? There is an amazing women that has started a not-for-profit ministry that takes donated damaged leggings, you know, the ones that are supposedly made of wet kleenex, and turns them into hats for Men, Women, and Children going through chemotherapy so they have something that is buttery soft and beautiful to wear  as they dominate their journey through battling chemotherapy.

So, the next time your ass falls out of your leggings, which to be honest, has happened, but not often, don’t be angry (ok, you can be a little angry. I’d be kinda annoyed too!). Remember that your cold hiney is about to bring some serious comfort to someone who is fighting cancer. I don’t know about you, but that puts things into perspective to me.

LuLaRoe is also a form of income for roughly 65,000 kick ass women who were willing to take a risk to better their future. I am one of those 65,000, but you already knew that. I work really hard every day to run my business, do the best I can for my family and customers, and teach my children that with hard work comes success. I am doing what every person is trying to do with their lives – survive and be the best version of themselves they can be.

LuLaRoe is so much more than JUST clothing. Did our system charge tax in a way some felt was wrong? Sure. Was it wrong? I am not attorney or tax specialist, but the owners of the company don’t seem like folks that would try to swindle you for a few bucks on your leggings purchase. I’m just a tired Mom though so what do I know?

The leggings aren’t made of wet kleenex. Although that reference made me choke on my coffee  and giggle. It’s not true…but it was a funny reference, I’ll give them that. They are actually made of Polyester/Spandex and the technique used it patent pending to get that incredibly soft feel if you must know. I mean, if you really think they are made of Kleenex, try to make a pair of leggings out of kleenex, wet them, and then put them on. I tried this morning and let me tell you, it ain’t easy. And they weren’t even wet. because that would be kind of gross.

Harper said “Mommy…what are you doing? Those aren’t pants!” and then laughed hysterically. HA!!

I guess my rant here is that I understand the frustration some customers have. I really do! Trust me. I have my own frustrations. But, something like this doesn’t define a company and the women and men that work hard to earn a living. It just doesn’t. It’s unfortunate, but not life threatening, therefore in the big scheme of things, it’s simply an inconvenience. It was an inconvenience when the arm of my $97 dollar sweater from Nordstrom seam fell apart. It was an inconvenience when Harper smeared peanut butter on our wall. I said, are you effin’ kidding me? and went on with my day.

Anyways, by no means is this long-winded post meant to dismiss the situation at hand. Tax should be charged appropriately and leggings shouldn’t expose your butt while you are at work. But, before you jump on the negativity bandwagon, maybe take a second to think how this might affect someone you know or care about. The LuLaRoe culture is about blessing lives and strengthening families. I will continue to do that regardless of what’s thrown my way.

Lastly, if you are dead against leggings, maybe try a color block Julia. Because it is HOT!!!!!!!!!!


That’s all I’ve got for today. Do you.




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120 days in. My life as a LuLaRoe Consultant.

So I think there is a misconception when it comes to LuLaRoe. Because we are all in love and obsessed with the brand and follow so many groups, I think we kind of assume that starting this business will be easy. The clothing will just sell itself and we will sit back and watch the money roll in. This is the farthest thing from reality as you can get. This is a business. You are starting a business. No one started a business and was successful 24 hours later. It’s just not reality and how the world works. Even if you see a brand that blows up overnight and has somehow become this “overnight” sensation, it wasn’t. There were countless day, months, years of hard work, failure, sleepless nights and stress. It’s just that finally, all those hours upon hour of work finally paid off. 
The perception is that my business exploded overnight because of a blog post. Not true. For about a year I literally talked to myself on my blog and on my Facebook “fan” page. So many posts I would do never got viewed, I would have maybe 1 or 2 “likes”. I felt really silly that I was doing all of this work and no one was really paying attention to anything I posted or wrote. I kept posting because it was something I enjoyed doing and a way for me to kind of disconnect from my every day life and put into words what was happening in my life at that moment. Sure, I got lucky when that ONE post went crazy and my following grew, but it was also somewhat of a reward for all the time and effort I put into my blog that made ZERO dollars. The moment that happened, I knew I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing and that jumping into LuLaRoe was the path I was supposed to take.
Not for one second did I ever think this would be easy. I actually walked into this business expecting nothing. Probably not the best type of attitude to have, but I am being brutally honest with you. I thought, worst case scenario I sell a few things, hate it and sell everything off at wholesale and I’m still even. That the way I thought until the day I launched. The few days prior when my boxes of inventory came, I thought “awwweeesssommmee!!! Look at all of these clothes!!!!!”. That thought was followed by “Oh my god. I have to take pictures of 333 pieces of clothes, work, and take care of my kids. What did I get myself into!?!?!”. Those few days were a HUGE reality check. It all sunk in and realized this is a business and it’s on ME to run it and make it successful. My entire view on LuLaRoe changed and I got scared. I had spent about 10K on inventory and now I needed to sell it. That fear was good  because it pushed me to test my limits and see what I was really made of. Nothing makes you work harder than seeing 10K in LuLaRoe inventory purchases on your credit card bill. Talk about an oh shit moment. 
The night I launched was probably the most terrifying moment of my life aside from birthing both of my children. Skydiving wasn’t even as scary. At least if I plummeted to my death while sky diving, I didn’t have to live with the fact that I failed or sold nothing. Again, I am being totally honest with all of you on the thoughts that went through my head. HA! 
I launched, I sold, and I was on cloud 9. Then I was in fetal position for two days crying because I hadn’t stopped pulling, invoicing, printing labels, going to the post office, working, taking care of my kids, and trying to be a wife for 48 hours without sleep. It was brutal. I was going to bed at 3-4 am and up at 5am to start all over again. Finally on the night of day 3, I was done. It was such a sigh of relief and  moment of clarity for me. I did it. I friggin’ did it! I actually did something I terrified to do and did it well. I was proud. Like really proud. I can’t remember a time in my life where i was actually PROUD of myself in this way. Sure, I’ve been proud of myself for many accomplishments in the past, but this was a different kind of pride. It felt like I kicked some major boss girl ass and could do anything. From that moment on, I tried to treat every single sale like a launch. I have the same fear every time I post, I have the same excitement every time something sells, and I feel that same relief when it’s all over. The pride is there the entire time and grows with each sale I do. 
Many of you see the fun posts in my group, the sold comments, the cute graphic saying “invoices are sent!”. What many of you don’t see if the hours upon hours of going through my inventory, photographing my inventory, photographing my inventory AGAIN because it looks like crap, sending invoices, apologizing for posting items I don’t have, packaging items, going to the post office twice a day, the roughly 100 messages I send during a day to everyone on my team or messages sent my way with questions. You don’t see the moments when I feel like a really crappy Mom because I am working instead of spending time with my children. That right that is as honest as it gets. My kids are my world and some days I am near tears because I realize it’s 11:00 AM and I haven’t done anything just for THEM. Yes, I have fed them, changed diapers, given them hugs and kisses and told them I loved them 100 times. They know I love them. But I haven’t raced cars with my son or played dress up with my daughter and that hurts my heart. I try to remind myself I am doing THIS for THEM. I am doing this for their future. I am showing my kids that with a lot of hard work you can reach your goals. I want them to look at me the way they look at their Dad, like a hero. A bad ass Mom hero. I knew this business would take a lot of time and effort, I knew that, but I didn’t realize just how much of my time and effort it would take. I remember telling my Husband I would do this and quit my job so I had more time to be with the kids. In reality, I quit my job and spend an extra 20+ hours a week working this business then I did working for Marriott. The only difference is that I can pick when I work, where I work and I am in control of how much I work. Clearly I’m a workaholic… but I have a goal and it’s to have enough money set aside for Harper and Brody to go to college without needing to take on any student loans.  I’m going to do what it takes to reach that goal. 
I am now 4 months into my LuLaRoe journey as a Consultant. Even with everything I just listed above which you may read and think “No way in heck am I doing all this”, I wouldn’t change it for a second. This business has changed me. I am a women I never knew I could be. I am running a business, building a team and am incredibly proud of myself. The money is coming in, my bonus checks have doubled each month, and I feel like a total rock star. Becoming a Consultant has changed forever changed me. Being proud of yourself and what you do is an amazing thing. I am forever grateful to this company for empowering women and changing lives. 
If you made it this far, thank you. If you made it this far and still want to be a Consultant still, then you are made for this. 
Much love,
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Stages of the Queue #queuelife

God give me strength. Please. Give me strength.

Have you ever wanted something SO bad you literally feel like you could cry when you think about it. I mean, REALLY BAD. Like when you go on a no carb diet and someone is 50 feet away from you with a cracker in their purse and you can smell it. You want it SO bad you could cry.

That’s a horrible example but you get what I’m saying. This is where I’m at. I am to the point of no return. I eat, sleep, and breathe LuLaRoe. I read post after post trying to gain the knowledge I need to be successful. To be help my team be successful. I see negative posts and feel this overwhelming urge to jump in and be like “LISTEN UP! STOP TALKIN’ NASTY ABOUT MY LULAROE!!’ then I have to remind myself that 1. it’s not MY LuLaRoe. It’s everyone’s LuLaRoe. and 2. I haven’t on boarded and should shut my mouth because I know nothing. But still, I have this need to defend and support. I WILL be part of this T.E.A.M soon. I support them to the end. Kind of like the Captain on the Titanic… I’m going down with you to the end sister!

Side note* if we were all on a LLR boat and it started to sink, I would legit be the last person off because I am TERRIFIED of fish. But I will let you all think I am just super brave…. 😉

Anyways, I was laying on my couch thinking of this craziness and how I am just obsessing daily about this amazing journey. I know my fellow Queue buddies feel somewhat similar… or maybe not…Maybe I am the only bat sh** crazy one feeling this way…. but, I thought maybe I could put this in to words and help us see the light at the end of this legging filled journey.

Welcome to the Stages of the Queue. (I am literally laughing out loud right now)

Stage 1: ::message to a consultant:: Hi, I would love to learn more about becoming a Consultant! Can you share some information with me?

Stage 2: ::Reviews information:: ::nearly faints at the investment:: BABE!!! Do we have a spare 5 grand lying around I don’t know about!?! No? Ok, cool. ::message back to consultant: “Thanks, girl! This sounds amazing… I will think about it!!”

Stage 3: Dang. Why can’t I stop thinking about being a LuLaRoe Consultant?

Stage 4: Wake up at 3am researching a way to make this happen.

Stage 5: Tell your Husband to stop lying about the cash he says you don’t have lying around because THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

Stage 6: Send in paperwork. I’ll figure everything out later.

Stage 7: Discover there is a link to the Queue….

Stage 8: Try to find your name on Queue… it’s not there. Why isn’t it there!?! Must be a mistake. I’ll send an email about it…

Stage 9: Tell everyone and their Mother you are becoming a LLR Consultant! People need to know what they are missing!

Stage 10: Check the Queue. Why isn’t my name on there!!??? Did they get my paperwork!? What is happening!? Maybe they didn’t get my email. I’ll just send it just one more time for good measure. I’ll ask my sponsor too. and maybe my upline. Wait, what’s a upline?

Stage 11: Start buying all the LuLaRoe because it’s totally for marketing purposes. (pretty sure my accountant will say otherwise… but a  girl can dream!).

Stage 12: Get on every Inspire Tour LLR Periscope and cry your eyes out when someone shares there Why. Reflect on our Why. Cry a little. Tell everyone you cried watching the Scopes. Cry a little more.

::Periscope notification:: Oh look! Betsy Thompson is posting Julias!! #marketresearch

Stage 13: Check the Queue every 4 hours 7 days a week. WHY ISN’T MY NAME ON THERE!?!!


Stage 14: Dream that you and DeAnne wore the same Amelia to Inspire and you asked her to go live in your group.  ( certainly I can’t be the only one that had this dream???)

Hi DeAnne, I am wearing the pink bows Amelia to Inspire… just sayin’

Stage 15: ::check the Queue with zero expectations:: MY NAME IS THERE. MY NAME IS THERE!!!! Post in every LLR support group in all capital letter that “MY NAME IS IN THE QUEUE!!!!!!!!!” #itotallydidthis #noregrets #bestdayever


yep… this is my post…I was so excited I didn’t even spell check.

Stage 16: You finally realize it’s not about your number in the Queue  or when you are on-boarding…it’s about the amazing woman you have surrounded yourself with and that you may never find something so special like this again.

SO, this is where I’m at right now. I am in awe of this company and what it stands for. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. Words can’t really put it into perspective until you see it firth hand (aka live on Periscope). This company is blessing people’s lives every single day and t’s friggin amazing.

I am still in the Queue, so I can’t really finish this post… But, if I had to take a guess as to how it would end, this is what I imagine…

Stage 17: ::Phone rings:: OMG. OMG. It’s home office!!! Lets me take a screen shot before I answer!! I need to remember this moment!! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!


Man. Down.

Stage 18: Come to after fainting from said call and place your initial order. It’s happening.

Stage 19: Stalk UPS every. single. day.


Stage 20: Inventory arrives. Stare at the boxes. kiss the boxes. take photos with the boxes. Maybe open the boxes and roll around in 500 lbs of LuLaRoe goodies.

Stage 21: Spend 18 hours prepping, planning, and sweating. Rock the heck out of your launch and show everyone what you are made of! #bossbabe


Ladies in the Queue, WE GOT THIS!!! Our time will come! Stay strong, my fiends!! Stay strong.

Ladies who have on-boarded, WHOOOOOOPP!!! You made it.  You have taken all of my money with all of your beautiful inventory you keep posting. Keep on rockin’ chicas! You are really helping me with Marketing 😉



LuLaRoe Diaries: The Lola

Her name was Lola, she was a show girl…. #barrymanilowforthewin

I’m just gonna go ahead and say I think this skirt is seriously underrated. I had to dig DEEP to find a Lola. I’m glad I did because It’s SO cute and SO flattering. For real.

What I love about this skirt is the way it fits. I love anything with a high-waist because when you tuck in a Tee or pair it with a crop top (what is this the 80’s???) it’s super fab and give all body types a beautiful hourglass shape. I do believe I am obsessed. My Lola is bright blue with a soft pink elastic waist band and I probably wouldn’t have paired these two colors together on my own, but I loved the blue lace too much to pass it up. Once I finally had it in my hands, I remembered why LuLaRoe designs the clothes and not me. LOVE THAT SOFT PINK!!

Lola can be dressed up or dressed down, worn with wedges or sandals and makes for the perfect skirt if you’re heading to a Sock Hop Dance…. More on that in a minute.

Ok, so what should you wear with your new-found love? ANYTHING!!!

Lola + Randy Tee = new favorite combo.

This is my favorite Randy ever. I love the sleeves and clearly have a thing for blue at the moment. I had this Randy when I bought my Lola and was pleasantly surprise when I realized I had a match. It was like an episode of Maury over here. “Randy, you are the father!!!”  Those blues are from the same DNA, baby! #fabulous

I love the way these two look together! It’s conservative yet cute and I dig that since I’m a Mom and don’t need any of my lady bits hanging out.  I also feel a bit like one of those robots out of Stepford Wives and I dig that too.




Lola + Crop top/Tank = Summer Ready.

I talked so much crap about this trend coming back it’s not even funny. I was like, COME ON!! Who is going to wear a crop top!?! I’m a Mom now…those days are behind me.

Yeah, so I have a crop top and I like it. A lot. It’s PERFECT with high-waisted skirts!! Who knew?? I am obsessed with this little get-up for Summer time. It has festivals and Bar-B-Ques written all over it! It’s comfy, pulled together, and I’m not going to sweat my butt off. The white is somewhat of a stretch for me since I have two of the messiest children on the planet , but I guess that’s why they invented OxiClean. I also decided to try it with a knotted tank and love that look!




Lola+Converse = Sock Hop Ready.

I put this on and kind of felt like I just stepped into 1950. It made me think of the movie Pleasantville. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Maybe you aren’t a sandals and crop-top kind of girl and like rocking your chucks with EVERYTHING. Grab your favorite graphic tee, throw on your Lola, and you are ready rock. If you actually need a 50’s inspired outfit to rock around the clock though, I highly suggest the Lola.




Lola + Cardigan = One Classy Broad

I LOVE the Lola paired with a Cardigan! This is so perfect for work or even some weekend festivities! Add a pop of color to your outfit to keep it fun and brighten your day. Another fun way to pair this with a cardigan is to get one in a print you are crushing on and pair with a lace Lola! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with lace… step out of your comfort zone and rock it like you mean it!



Lola + Irma = Perfection. Irma Is Your Best Friend For Life  #IIYBFFL

New life goal: get that hashtag trending on Facebook.

Y’all know I have a legit love affair with the Irma. There are SO many ways to wear it and this is one of my faves. The Lola is fun and flirty and I love how the knotted Irma compliments that! This is the perfect outfit for Date Night with your significant other or night out with girlfriends. Its comfortable but stylish and flattering in all the right ways.


Whatever you choose to wear with your Lola, make it your own! Confidence is a good look on you! I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s the truth. I read post after post of so many woman feeling less than confident with themselves because of the pressure the media puts of on us to look a certain way. There is no certain way to look. There is the way YOU look, and then everyone else. I always say, DO YOU.  I say that all the time because I mean it. Do you. Don’t do what Susie to your left is doing. Do you what works for you. Sure, it’s great to see what someone else is wearing, or how they have their hair done and use that as inspiration…. I mean, we all have Pinterest, right!?! But always remember to make is your own. What I love the most about my LuLaRoe shopping group is seeing how unique everyone is and the different ways people style their clothes. It’s a great reminder on how different we all are, but in the same spot in love with the same brand because of how it makes us feel…and that’s confident. Rock on with your bad self this week chicas!! Rock that Roe 😉

Happy Strolling!


P.S. I’m getting CLOSER to launching!! #Icanseethelight

P.P.S. don’t judge me on the crop top. It was on sale!

P.P.S. I am so embarrassed by the Cartoons in the background. One day I will remember to turn the TV off when the kids take a nap. Yeah…right. Maury would be like “Jackie, the results are in and the lie detector said – that in fact, is a lie.” #toobusytakingselfiestoturnthetvoff #sorrynotsorry

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^^Can you tell I’m obsessed with Adele? #wearebestfriends #shejustdoesntknowityet