Roe-diculous Summer Stylin’

Hey, hey, heyyyyyy! Howdy stranger! Long time no see. I’ve been a tad busy getting my LuLaRoe Business off the ground and have had no time to post, sleep, or tweezed my eyebrows in like 6 weeks. I’m behind like 2 episodes on the bachelor which is so not cool and feel like a chicken with her head cut off 99% of the time. But hey, at least my outfits are on point, right? #bestdressedheadlesschickeninchicago #yeahijusthashtaggedthat

Tonight is an inventory posting tonight and it’s going to be  AMAAAAAAZING. For once, I am all caught up and have time to blog so today’s styling fun is about the Classic Tee, Perfect Tee, and of course my bestie Irma.

CLASSIC TEE: The Classic Tee is exactly that, classic. It’s comfy, flattering, and goes with everything. You can never have too many Classic Tee’s in your closet, but something I love about the Classic Tee (and all LuLaRoe) is that you can turn it into something completely different in two seconds. May I present to you the Classic Tee and a skirt. Yesssss, honey!

Boeing In The Deep

I slide my Classic Tee down to my waist (I am typically an XXS and this is an XS) and slide one sleeve inside of the tee which makes like a fake pocket, and knot the other sleeve for a fun Summer/Vaca look. This is so perfect for traveling when you need a quick second outfit or even just a beach cover up! Play around with the fit and how it lays…try different classics and see which one works best as a skirt! All of the fabrics are different and can lay differently on the body.  Work that wardrobe and find a fun new way to sport your Classic!

Perfect Tee: The Perfect Tee is perfection. It’s not always a fan favorite at first, but if you the right fit, its pure gold!! I can a wear range from XXS-S depending on the fabric. Super Stretchy/Slinky – XXS. Stretchy – XXS/XS. Cotton blend – XS/S. Fabric type can be a game changer with any clothing, don’t give up on a style because it didn’t work the first time. I get it, no one wants to look like a beached whale in their clothes, but just because something fit weird once, doesn’t mean you should write it off. The Perfect Tee was actually my least favorite style of all the LuLaRoe. I got my first one before I was a Consultant and looked 27  months pregnant. Not cute. But I tried a few more fabrics and sizes and now the Perfect Tee is my go to LuLaRoe top. I have way too many of them and it’s bordering on the edge of an episode of Hoarders, and quite frankly I’m ok with that.

What I’ve notice with the Perfect Tee is that regardless of fabric (aside from the 90% cotton blend) is that they make the best skirt ever!!!The shape if flattering on the hips, thighs, and budonkadonk; while the slits give it a perfect little flare for Summer. If I didn’t already have enough Perfect Tee’s to begin with, I may need to get just a few more to wear as skirts… #mynameisjackieandimaddictedtolularoe

Boeing In The Deep-2

Ignore my ridiculous facial expression. I was going for a “oh la la” look but looks more like I’m catching flies. whatever.

Irma Tunic: You guys know Irma is my girl. I wear her with everything and sometimes I even wear her to bed. If you want to wear the Irma as a top, size DOWN TWO WHOLE SIZES!! I’m serious. If you want to wear Irma as a dress, size up one or 2 sizes from your NORMAL IRMA SIZE. I’m writing that in all caps and it should read like I’m yelling this to you. HA!

Boeing In The Deep-5

As an oversized tunic (I wear normally wear an XXS Irma and this one is a Medium).

Boeing In The Deep-4

Strapless Dress

Whatever your style, whatever your size, whatever your age, LuLaRoe has what your Mama gave you covered (which won’t be see-through in your leggings). I promise if you try just one pair of solid black leggings, you’ll be hooked for life. If you try said pair of leggings and aren’t hooked, then we can’t be friends because you are definitely crazy. #justkidding #forrealthough


That’s all I’ve got folks! I’d like to give a huge shout out to the amazing women and men in my shopping group, Roeing in the Deep, for supporting my small business and helping my Husband understand there are a million LuLa fans out there that are just as nutty as his wife!

See you in the usual spot tonight for some shopping. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Happy Shopping!

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GB Pockit Review. #awesomesauce

Ummm… Hi!!!!!! It’s been a while, I know. A little something called LIFE has got in the way of my blogging. As the saying goes… Family First. I know you all can relate!  I can’t remember if I ate breakfast these days, let alone write a blog post…

I am FINALLY back and ready to get this party started…again.

So, here I am with the awesome GB Pocket stroller. The Pockit is pretty stellar for a few reasons and I will list them out for you…

  • It folds up SO SMALL it fits in one of my diaper bags. For real. I stored it in my Ju Ju Be Super Be diaper bag in my entry way closet and actually thought I LOST the darn thing because I couldn’t find it for 4 days!! Oh wait, that’s right, it’s so tiny I thought it would be cool to put it in a diaper bag for storing. Then I forgot where I put it. AH!!!! I laughed out loud when I found it because I was happy I found it. What stroller fits in diaper a bag!?!?! #thepockitdoes
  • The push is better than expected. For a stroller that’s so lightweight and features such a small footprint, it pushes surprisingly well!
  • It’s perfect for everyday use and travel! If you’ve got a small car or you bought all of IKEA, your little Pockit will still fit perfectly behind a seat in any car. Traveling? No need to gate check the Pockit,  you can just bring it with you on the plane and store it in an overhead bin! #parentingwin
  • Light weight. Although this stroller light weight and has a small frame, it’s strong as all get out! It hold sup to 55 lbs and the basket can hold up to 11 lbs. Just because something doesn’t feel heavy-duty doesn’t mean it candle handle a beating. Good things come in small packages my friend!

It’s kind of amazing how they made this stroller and the way it folds. The fold is 2 step, but it’s easy and I like doing it. I feel like I’m doing a cool magic trick in the parking lot every time I fold it.. HA! Who doesn’t like Magic?

This little gem of a stroller definitely does what it’s supposed too. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the canopy and the lack of recline on the stroller. You need to remember this is NOT a full size stroller. It’s a lightweight everyday/travel stroller. It shouldn’t have a huge basket, flat recline, etc. If it did, it wouldn’t be called the Pockit and fold up to the size of a cell phone. Ok, over exaggerating there, maybe not a cell-phone from this day in age; maybe more like the size of Zack Morris’s’ cell-phone from Saved by the Bell. You get my point though. The lack of recline was somewhat of a concern for me because H & B still take naps in the stroller, but clearly from the photo below that was a non-issue for Brody.


Overall, I 100% recommend the GB Pockit for a travel stroller or everyday stroller. The price can be off-putting for some but what do expect from a stroller that’s made in the Guinness World Records for smallest fold. Hell, if I had been the creator of this ride I would be charging double the price! #justsayin


Price: $249.99

Weight: 9.5 lbs

Fold: Two step easy fold

Harness: 5-point secure harness

Dimensions: Unfolded: 28″L x 17.5″W x 39.8″H – Folded: 11.8″L x 7.1″W x 19.9″H – Ultra Compact Fold: 11.8″L x 7.1″W x 13.8″H

Recline: No recline

Weight Limit: 55lbs

Car Seat Compatible: No

Push: Easy push/lockable front swivel wheels

Suitable from 6 months old to 4 years old (or max weight limit is reached)

Storage Space: Just enough for necessities (holds up to 11lbs)


On the fence? Don’t be. Get yourself, I mean your child, the GB Pockit!


Happy Strolling!!

LuLaRoe Diaries: THE Turdma

I know you guys have lost sleep waiting on this blog post. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a giant smile on my face while writing this… It’s just that this Irma, excuse me, Turdma, is EVERYTHING.


Here’s a little background. The first time I saw this gem, I was scrolling my Facebook news feed….It was flooded with LuLaRoe posts, per usual, and I was “browsing” while I waited for the Real Housewives to start. Then suddenly, it appeared. In all of its blue and brown glory. The Turdma. I didn’t know it was a Turdma when I saw it. My first thought was “OMG. This Irma has my favorite Emoji all over it!”.   I realized it was in fact PINE CONES (for real. It’s pine cones!) but it still held my interest. I read through the comments which is when I realized IT had a name. The Turdma.

I’ve been on the hunt for this polyester/spandex “unicorn” precisely 4 weeks. Would you believe NOT ONE Consultant had my size? Not one. Was it so popular that it was sold out everywhere??

The search continued… that was until last week when I posted the biggest ISO of all time. I ended my blog post with “P.S. if you are a consultant and you have an XXS Turdma, hit me up!”. Guess what… I got my Unicorn.



Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Jackie has lost her ever-loving mind. She drank one too many glasses of wine and has officially gone of the deep end. But I’m here to tell you that you are wrong.

For starters, I am 31 years old, gave birth to two children (one birth ended looking very similar to this Irma), and don’t have time to worry about what other people think. I really don’t. Harper just stripped down and peed on the floor as I’m writing… I’ll be right back.

I’m back…told you. No time.

If you wonder why this  became my “Unicorn”,  here’s your answer.  Clothes are just clothes. They keep you warm and cover up your lady bits when you need to do Adult things like grocery shop or go to work. They also have the ability to make you feel like a totally different person. Clothes can give  you confidence, comfort, and even happiness. You should wear clothes that make YOU feel good about yourself. I’m a big believer in stepping  outside of your comfort zone…get out of that black legging rut (we’ve all been there).  What do you have to lose? Some stranger at the mall says you look ridiculous in your Daisy leggings? What do they know. Maybe you’re the trend setter… I mean, Rihanna stopped wearing pants and 90% of the people at her concert last weekend didn’t have pants on. #truestory

Be like Rihanna…except wear pants. Please, wear pants.

Anyways, back to the Turdma. I desperately wanted the Turdma for 3 reasons. Number one: The Pinecones looked like poo and that made me smile so hard that I knew this was a must have. Number Two: I wanted to show everyone to NEVER judge a Irma by her print. Dare to be different.  Number Three: If you are confident, that will shine through. I promise no one will have the cojones to say you look ridiculous. If someone does say you look ridiculous, throat punch them. #justkidding #forrealthough

Here are a few ways I turned this top from a fashion no-no to a do-do! 😉


Irma as a Skirt with a comfy Tank!


“Boyfriend” make everything look good. These are from Express.


Knot your Irma if you are intimidated by all the extra fabric 😉


Yup. You can also wear it as a dress!!! WHAT!?! I know. Insanity!

This top made me laugh & step outside of my comfort zone. My Husband had the best reaction probably. I pulled it out and was like “Baaaaabe, it’s here!!”.  He takes one look at it and says, “What’s so bad about that? It’s blue and brown”. Such a dude! I loved his response because it goes it to show you other people don’t always see what you see. You may not feel confident, but someone who walks past you might wish they could wear what you’re wearing. Maybe you will give them the confidence they need when they see you sporting those Big Foot leggings. I’m happy my Hubby liked it, but if he didn’t, it wouldn’t matter. I would still be rocking the sh** out of my new top! Pun intended.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I also want to give a shout out to the Consultant that fulfilled my ISO. You rock, girlfriend!!! Here is the conversation that transpired between the two of us…  

“The Tudma has SOLD. I repeat, the Turdma has SOLD”.  I found out through a member of my group that we both posted the below at the same time in our own group… #stilllaughing

Lesson Learned: Do YOU my friend. Do you. Oh, and if you’re having trouble finding your DISO, just get desperate and write a blog post about it.

Happy Strolling!

How To videos below! Watch at your own risk. I have no video skills or filter on this mouth.

Irma as Dress Tutorial (I use the term tutorial loosely here): Click HERE

Irma Knotted Tutorial: Click HERE

Unicorn = Hard to find print that may or  not exist or a print that you are desperately searching for. I’m not sure how that makes it a Unicorn but we’ll just go with it.

Big Foot Leggings: Leggings that have Big Foot on them. I thought this one was pretty self-explanatory but you never know.




If this was periscope (which I find totally terrifying by the way), I would be giving this carrier SO many hearts. I love the versatility, comfort, back support, and of course this ridiculously beautiful embossed coral color! Swoon.


There are so many carriers out there to try which can be a little overwhelming. A few important features I look for in a Soft Structured Carrier are support for myself and baby, “proper” seat position for my little squish (they are big squishes now but I will just keep pretending they are still babies), and easy to strap on. I am usually wrangling one child while I’m wearing the other – it needs to be easy. I don’t have time to watch 700 YouTube videos to figure out how to carry my kid.

Here’s my honest take on the lovely LÍLLÉbaby..

Support: LÍLLÉbaby is unique in the sense that it offers lower lumbar support. If you’ve ever carried around your 22 lb child around for more than an hour, you appreciate and need this type of support. My Husband has 2 herniated discs so a carrier that offers back support is a major plus!  The COMPLETE also provides your newborn-toddler plenty of support! The adjustable neck support  is an awesome feature  (no need for an infant insert!!!) and it’s  also great for breastfeeding Moms.  Pair the adjustable neck support with the Privacy Hood and you are ready to nurse that baby while doing 700 other things at the same time. #momshavesuperpowers


Clearly Brody is a little big and would fit better in a CarryOn. But due to the amazing support of this Carrier, I can still tote him around comfortably if needed!

Seat: The COMPLETE is ergonomic making the seating position ideal for your child’s hips. Your newborn can be placed in a Fetal position in the carrier without the need for an infant insert. One less thing to buy!! Since the seat on the LÍLLÉbaby is adjustable, your older baby/toddler can sit comfortably  facing you, facing the world, or chillin’ on your back or hip. You want their knees above their cute tush and their head close enough to kiss! Always do a fit check along with a peek inside to make sure their chin is lifted and airway is open!

If the baby doesn’t fit, then you must acquit! #ivebeenwatchingtoomuchOJvsthepeople


User Friendly: This is a major reason selling point right here. No one has 2 hours to get your kid into a baby carrier! I don’t know about you, but I only have 2 arms and appreciate when a carrier is made for normal folk to use… you know, as opposed to an octopus who has a 6 arm advantage. The easiest way for me to place my child in the carrier is to snap the waist belt on, place baby in the carrier and pull the fabric and straps behind them and slide my arms into the padded shoulder straps. Once I adjust my kiddo a bit, I reach back and buckle the shoulder clip. This becomes easier once you’ve adjusted your straps to the right length. You can pop baby in, snap it up and go. I dare someone to re-adjust my straps after I’ve gotten them perfect. You will have hell to pay in the form of a second LÍLLÉbaby 😉

Added Features: I love pockets. Love them. I love them on dresses, diaper bags, and most importantly Carriers. The LÍLLÉbaby Complete has a long zippered pocket in addition to the easy-reach pocket for strong the hood or any Mom necessities such as binkies, your cell phone, or maybe some nursing nipple shields. Typical mom stuff. #nippleshieldswerethedeathofme

The Complete is suitable from 7lbs-45lbs which is a lot of baby wearing!! The straps are adjustable and can be worn backpack style or criss-cross for maximum comfort. I LOVE the option to criss-cross the straps in the back. It really helps you customize the carrier and get the perfect fit!

Lillababy 2

Last but not least, this beauty is MACHINE WASHABLE. I repeat, MACHINE WASHABLE. My kids make messes out of air. Being able to toss it in the washer is like winning the lottery. Ok, maybe not the lottery….maybe more like winning the “my kids didn’t just ruin my $170 embossed carrier with Cheetos fingers” lottery. Basically the same thing.

The LÍLLÉbaby Embossed COMPLETE is $170.00 and $120.00 or the COMPLETE Original. This a very average price for Ergonomic Carriers. If your better half is like hell-to-the-no, just show them what the going rate is for a USED Wrap Conversion Soft Structured Carrier. #stoptryingtomakemoneyoffyourretailpurchase #idontcarewhatmarketvalueis

He/She will be happy to buy the COMPLETE for you. I don’t know about you, but $120 bucks is worth the extra bonding time with my baby, sweet snuggles, and keeping me hands free for some wine action. #dontjudgeme #youknowyouwearandwinetoo #helpamamaout


For all you soon to be Mama’s out there looking into Carriers, check out the LÍLLÉbaby!! But whichever Carrier you use, I am so excited (and a little jealous) for the new memories and amazing snuggle sessions you are about to enjoy! Some of my most cherished memories from when Brody was a baby involve baby wearing. I struggled with Postpartum Anxiety and being able to have him close to me kept me calm. I felt safe and so did he. I remember in those early months as a new Mom feeling so exhausted, nervous and scared. I wasn’t confident wearing my baby and felt like I had it all wrong… but it was the only thing that all of us sane which meant I was doing something right. Looking back, I laugh at what a hot mess I was (and still am) because I was just doing what every new Mom is trying to do – survive. Nothing prepares you for Motherhood. But with some coffee, baby wearing, and patience, I promise you will rock it!!

Keep them close y’all.


Happy Strolling!