Chicago Stroller Shop

Are you ready for your new addiction? Join Chicago Stroller Shop on Facebook. We are a Buy/Sell/Advice page dedicated to strollers in the Chicagoland area. We have over 6,800 members and going strong.

It’s a whole lot of crazy and we love it!  The only way in is through a friend though, so start asking around (or send me a message)!



2 thoughts on “Chicago Stroller Shop

  1. Sharleen says:

    Hi Jackie, I’ve somehow been dropped off th Chicago Stroller Shop Facebook group, any chance you could add me again? I’m looking for some advice on the Zoe umbrella stroller and hoping someone can help. Can’t find anything on you blog…
    Sharleen Heijstra

  2. George says:

    this a great store! glad you introduced them on your wesibte. i would love to buy the reading chair for toddler. my son has developmental delays and is beginning to enjoy books and reading. I would love for him to have a quiet and comfortable place to read!

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