UPPAbaby G-LINK Review.


G-G-G-G-LINK!!! See what I did there?  That’s about as far as my rapping goes.

Ok. The G-LINK is here!!  Yessss. It’s so good.  I am in love this light-weight double.  It’s got everything you’re looking for, and then some. Are you surprised?   You shouldn’t be.  UPPAbaby never disappoints!  We’ve  been using this for everyday errands and it seriously makes life so much easier.  It’s easy to get in and out of the car 3 or 4 times a day,  folds in two seconds,  and leaves plenty of extra room in the trunk for any Target clearance items! #winning #doublethelove



The UPPAbaby G-LINK weighs in at just 24.5 pounds,  features independent flat reclines,  a generous 50 lb weight limit per seat,  large extendable canopies, super easy fold,  AND is suitable from birth.  It even comes with two newborn head support inserts and a nifty little mesh foot barrier to keep the peanuts  safe during the mushy baby stage!

The seats on the G-LINK are easily one of my favorite features this ride has to offer.  They are well thought out, and super cozy for the kids.   If you’re using this for newborns, the G-LINK includes 2 plush head support inserts and two mesh foot barriers that are attached under the seat.  The foot barrier is easy to stow away when not in use, and I love that it’s attached. One less accessory you need to keep track of!  Ain’t nobody got time for that with two kids.



The seat back height is nice and tall  (18″ from the seat to the top of the seat back) and plenty more room from the seat to the top of the canopy (check out the specs below).   A 4/5 year-old could easily ride comfortably in the seats providing they are within the maximum weight limit.  The 5-point  harness straps are easy to adjust, and the clip is nice and secure. Harper is like frickin’ Houdini lately and can’t get out of this harness! hallelujah!

Each leg rest is adjustable, which is a huge plus if you’ve got a toddler, like Brody, who doesn’t need the extra leg support.  I will say though, that feature is so nice to have… We were out shopping the other day and Brody fell asleep in the car between stores.  I managed to do a successful transfer, which we all know winning the Mom Lottery.  I put him in the G-LINK with the seat fully reclined and the leg rest up so he could be extra cozy! Total lifesaver! Adjustable leg rest = must have!

The fabric is plush and super easy to keep clean.  I know this because we had a pretty intense pooplosion at IKEA, like the kind where you just throw everything away and pretend that didn’t just happen,  and the seat looks brand new after I cleaned it!  I may or may not have gasped in horror saying “oh my god, not on my new stroller…” when my Husband showed me the damage… HA! #sewnotfun #ionlyhadfourwipesleft #momfail

Ok, back on track here…The canopies are amazing considering this is an umbrella stroller.  They feature an SPF 50+ extendable sunshade which you all know by now is super important to me.  There is also a nice little peek-a-boo window that gives you a good view of the kiddos, and a pocket on the back that can store anything from your cell phone to the kids snacks. LOVE. IT.


My absolute favorite feature on the G-LINK is the storage basket.  It’s super happy!

The storage basket has a maximum weight capacity of 10 lbs and is accessible from the back and sides. The best part of the storage basket is that it’s actually easy to access.  Can you imagine?  A storage basket that’s easy to access?  Can I get unanimous, HOLLA!!  Thank you, UPPAbaby.  Thank you.   No one does a storage basket quite like they do.  I can fit two packed Ju-Ju-Be- Super Be’s, the kids coats, and even a few Target goodies or groceries. If you need one reason to justify this purchase to your other half,  let it be that one.  If you are in need of a light-weight double for everyday use, travel,  themes parks, etc. you NEED storage space. Trust me!


The push is surprisingly pretty good on this little gem.  I was a little nervous at first, but, it really has a decent push. It handles Target VERY well.  And that’s really all that matters, right?

What you need to take into consideration is that the G-LINK is a light-weight double umbrella stroller.  This is not going to have a one-hand push like the Vista or an all-terrain double. It’s not supposed to.  The push is not heavy, and I don’t feel it pull to one side with both kids in it.  It’s very easy to maneuver, and the perfect stroller for errands, traveling, theme parks, etc.  I’ve taken the G-LINK on many walks over bumpy side walks,  dirt,  and yes, even some slush, and have not had an issue.  It gets my stamp of approval!

Last, but not least, the fold.  The G-LINK has a very simple fold (check out my video below to see!). It folds into itself, keeping the fabric protected, and stands while folded. It’s compact, easy to do, and even has a nifty little carry strap if you need to transport it anywhere.   It’s so easy to get in and out of the trunk, and makes those hectic days running errands with both kids so much easier!

**Note- Use the center grey pull to unfold, versus the handles, which could compromise the strength over time.


Overall,  I am borderline obsessed with the G-LINK.   It’s sturdy enough to handle the beating of everyday use,  comfortable for the kids to nap in,  and offers plenty of storage for all the crap you need with two kiddos!

The list of double umbrella strollers  I recommend is short. Like, really short.  It only has the G-LINK on it…ha! I don’t know if you’ve ever pushed around any other double Umbrella Strollers but it’s kind of a nightmare. They usually have an extra set of wheels in the middle which makes it hard to maneuver, and gets in the way of your stride. The canopies are always lacking, and you usually don’t have any storage space. You don’t have any of those issues with the G-LINK.  Not to mention the quality is perfection.  You get what you pay for…




24.5 pounds (light-weight aluminum frame)

Automatic lock, standing fold. Carry strap for easy handling

Seat Weight limelight of 50 lbs per seat

Flat recline; suitable from birth

Two hand push

Lockable front wheels (5.75″ high performance wheels)

One touch foot brake

What’s in the box:

One Parent cup-holder

Two plush newborn head inserts

Two mesh foot barriers (attached to the seat)


Unfolded: 30”W x 29”L x 42”H

Folded: 18”W x 18”L x 41”H

Width: 30” (widest point)

Handlebar width:  27″

Seat back: 18″

Seat to the top of the canopy: 26″

Seat to the end of the leg rest: 14″

End of seat to foot plate: 8″


If you are planning to travel with your G-LINK?  Make sure you purchase the TravelBag!


Hope you enjoyed the review on the UPPAbaby G-LINK. Leave me a comment below with any questions!!

Happy Strolling



Size Matters…

Get your head out of the gutter people! I’m talking about the 2015 Mountain Buggy Duet. I’ve been going back and forth on buying this stroller for a while now and after using it daily for almost 2 weeks, I have come to the conclusion that this is probably what I needed from the start. Ugh!


Ok, let’s get down to business…. Are you sitting down? The Mountain Buggy Duet is only 25 inches wide. 25 inches!!! It’s the width of a single stroller. Here it is next to our Bugaboo Donkey for reference!

Mind. Blown. A major complaint is that double strollers are so wide and awkward. Not anymore. This double fits through any doorway, elevator door, and bathroom stall. You name it, I tried it. Not only is the duet a skinny minnie, but it folds with one in about 2 seconds. Mountain Buggy pretty much eliminated the two major complaints we all have with double strollers. Width & Fold. Thanks, MB!! Not only does the Duet fit through any door way (even those tiny doors in old Chicago buildings) but it also pushes like a dream. It’s a one hand push through pretty much any terrain and that makes me really happy!

If you are concerned that your ever-growing toddler won’t last long in the narrow seat, think again. Here’s my 34 inch, 30lb 2-year-old in the seat with tons of room!

The Mountain Buggy Duet weighs 33lbs, comes in 3 colors; Flint, Chili, and Black. You also have the option to play around with the seats. You can have 2 car seats, one seat and one car seat, one seat and a Joey basket or 2 Joey baskets if you are heading out for some Black Friday shopping without kids. I’m not beyond pushing a stroller without children present. #dontcare The canopies offer plenty of coverage and a peek-a-boo window out of mesh for ventilation.  The seats can recline in any position your heart desires. A major pro to the strap recline system (pretty sure I’m making that term up but you know what I’m talking about) that MB used. The handlebar is also adjustable and I’m positive you can get it to the perfect height for whoever is pushing it around. See below…

One other thing I want to point out is the metal plate on the footrest. Many Moms, including myself, were concerned that it would get hot and be uncomfortable for the kids. I contacted Mountain Buggy about this concern and they informed me that the metal plate is non conductive so it will reflect most of the heat. Since Mother Nature can’t get her $@!? together, I can’t tell you if this is true or not. It’s still 50 degrees here. But, I’ll take their word for it. The Duet has everything I am looking for in a double stroller. Easy push, adjustable handlebar, near flat recline, easy to access storage basket, and great fold. Any stroller that I plan to use on a daily basis needs to meet the above criteria. When you are running on 4 hours of sleep, have 2 screaming kids, and it’s 900 degrees out, you will curse a stroller that’s a pain in the ass to get in and out of your car. Trust me! Now for my cons: 1. Lack of ventilation in the seats for the kiddos. The peek-a-boo window has mesh fabric but that’s the only real spot that you get any ventilation. It would have been nice if they added a mesh spot on the side of the canopy as well. 2. The storage basket isn’t huge but It’s easy to reach. It fits my Skip Hop Duo bag perfectly, along with 3 target bags and few other necessities. I’ll let the basket slide on this one. 3.  I definitely don’t love the foot brake. It’s kind of odd and doesn’t always lock on the first try. Maybe I’m just being to delicate. Either way, it’s not my favorite. 4.  The harness straps. Although my 2 year old has plenty of room, the straps seem short. You can turn the straps into a 3 point harness which is totally fine at that age and gives ample room for a growing toddler.

see? plenty of room!

Think the Duet is right for you? Click here to see some more specs. If you are in the market for a crazy functional and easy to use double stroller, I suggest you look into the Duet. It’s a winner! Hope you enjoyed my review on the 2015 Mountain Buggy Duet…

Happy Strolling!

That Donkey.

The Bugaboo Donkey. Where do I even start with this one. I begged my husband for a Donkey. I could not sleep because all I could think about was getting a Donkey. I wanted it sooooo bad I even wrote up a contract saying “I will never ask for another stroller again if we get a Donkey”. I’ve had 18 strollers since the Donkey… my poor Husband.


I got the Donkey as our first double stroller. It showed up to our condo in all its beautiful Donkey glory and did not disappoint. Don’t believe all the hype? Well you should. Pushing the Donkey is like pushing around a pot of gold. Everyone stops and asks “what stroller is THAT???” And I would just say nonchalantly, “Oh, this old thing? it’s a Donkey!” Ok, maybe I didn’t say this old thing but I totally acted like it didn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment.


How cute is my Mom?

Let me get back on track here and tell you why the Bugaboo Donkey is totally amazeballs.


1. It goes from an amazing single stroller to an equally amazing double stroller. Many times, you give up features you want in a single stroller when it converts to a double. Not with the Donkey. Anyway you set it up, it’s still riDONKulous. Hehe.
2. Those air-filled tires make this baby push like is gliding on butter. Only have one available hand and are going over crazy Chicago potholes? Have no fear. The Donkey is here.

3. Set up. The seat configurations are so perfect. Each child is comfortable in their own seat. You don’t have to worry about them kicking each other, hitting each other, or fight over who gets to sit in front or on the bottom. They just hop right in and blissfully hold hands while your on an afternoon stroll. Ok, maybe they won’t hold hands but let’s just pretend for now.
4. It’s the Bugaboo Donkey and you need it.

How sweet is this?

How sweet is this picture?

5. Ability to customize. I LOVE decorating my strollers. You can pretty much have anything made these days for your stroller and totally make it your own.

6. Side luggage basket. If you are using the Donkey in Mono Mode, you can use the side luggage basket which is probably the most genius stroller add-on ever. Not only do you have a spacious under basket, but you have the side basket as well. Heading to the farmers market? This is perfect to hold all your goodies. Love. It.

Ok, now for some specs:

Suitable from birth to 37.5 lbs

Stroller weighs 29.2 lbs in Mono Mode and 33.4 lbs in Duo Mode

12″ rear air-filled wheels and 10″ front swivel wheels

Price: Mono Mode: $1329.95 and Duo Mode $1408.95

Bottom line, this stroller is worth every single penny. I promise. If you need help convincing your husband that you NEED this stroller, I can help you out 😉

So. Many. Options

I want you to take EVERYTHING you have ever heard about the Contours Options strollers and toss it out the window. Today, I am going to show you just how amazing the new Contours Options Elite really is! Prepare to be impressed…

I recently had the opportunity to try the new Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller. I am not going to lie…I was pretty skeptical based on earlier reviews of this line, but, I had yet to hear anything negative about the new Elite. I am here to tell you that this stroller completely surpassed all of my expectations and is worth more than it’s $299 price tag. Read that again if you need to…I said $299.

   Let’s start with the assembly. I LOVE putting strollers together…nothing like that good ole new stroller smell to put me in a good mood!  Putting the Options Elite together pretty freakin’ easy. I was able to assemble it in 11 minutes (I timed myself, ha!) with a 10 month old crawling around. Not bad! Once I had everything put together I gave it a once over and realized, this bad boy is pretty cute!! The Laguna Blue canopy against the black frame looks awesome! The seats are spacious and fit both my 10 month old and 2-year-old comfortably. The seat also offers a generous canopy, 5 point harness, headrest insert, adjustable footrest and a nice little mesh pocket on the right that can store their toys, sippy, etc. I really love the canopy on this stroller, and not just because it has chevron on the inside!  The canopy unzips in the middle and extends with mesh fabric that gives really awesome ventilation! So perfect for those summer months when you step outside and are instantly a sweaty hot mess.

 Next on my list is the storage basket… It’s so huge, it makes me want to go buy a bigger diaper bag just because I know it will fit!! Not only can the basket hold everything and the kitchen sink, but it also has side zippers for easy access. LOVE. IT.

                                 Let’s give a huge round of applause to ContoursBaby for adding this amazing feature!!

      One of my biggest issues with tandem strollers is the push. With a set up like these, it can be difficult to get this over rougher terrain or a bump on the side-walk. Well, I could NOT believe it when I was able to get this thing through grass, gravel, bumpy and side walks without a problem! I did have to push down on the foot step on the storage basket to get it over a curb, but, that I expected that. Especially with my 30lbs toddler in the front seat. What I also love about this tandem set up is that there is ample space between the seats. I could pretty much set it up in any of the seat configurations and my kids were comfortable and happy. Happy Kids = Happy Momma.

   Everyone is always concerned with the fold of a stroller, myself included. If you have read any of my other posts, you know I loathe removing seats to fold a stroller. That is a non issue with the Elite because it fold easily with both seats attached!  It’s a little heavy to get into the trunk in one piece (38lbs), but nothing I can’t handle.

I have seen the light people. Run out and buy the Contours Options Elite Tandem stroller. This is such a great double options for families on a budget!


Each seat holds up to 40 lbs

Numerous recline positions

Adjustable footrest

Large canopy with mesh insert

5 point harness

Easy push

Easy one piece fold

Large basket with easy access points

2 bumper bars included

Car Seat Adapter included (check compatibility here)

Includes parent cup holder


Heavy (38 lbs)

Canopy will sometimes slide down if the seat is reclined all the way

Hope you enjoyed my review on the Contours Options Elite! This is such a rockin’ tandem stroller. I know you will love it!

Happy Strolling!!