Kate Schwanke – Ju Ju Be BP Review!


Hi everyone, I’m Kate Schwanke! Today I am guest blogging for As The Stroller Turns. I am so excited to be doing this collab for her Blog! In this Blog I will walk you through how I pack my Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared, in Frosted Blossoms (a Buy Buy Baby exclusive print), as a Diaper Bag for a long day out with my two boys (1) and (4).  *Links for Custom Work and Jamberry’s worn in this blog will be included at the end.


This is everything that I have packed in the Be Prepared! Look at how much stuff it can hold! One thing I absolutely LOVE about the Be Prepared is just how much you can fit in it. I have used this bag as an overnight bag multiple times because it is so roomy and has a ton of compartments. 


This is my set up for all of the contents you saw in the post above.  I love how everything has a place! Even Mickey and Minnie have their own pockets making it easy to access them without fishing them out of the bottom of the bag.  I have my Be Quicks standing straight up side by side, a Large set piece beside those standing on its side, my Fuel Cell beside those, my Medium Set Piece in one of the side/internal bottle pockets, and the Play Packs in the slip pocket behind Minnie Mouse.  On the outside of the Be Prepared, I have an Avent straw cup in each bottle pocket.   Look at this Queen of All Mommy Pockets!!!  The Mommy Pocket on the Be Prepared is the largest of all the Mommy Pocket’s on Ju-Ju-Be’s Diaper Bags.  And it’s awesome.   In here I have my wallet, tissue holder, iPhone 6, two Small Set Pieces, Coin Purse, keys and gum.  Not pictured is my iPad Mini, but it does fit in here as well!


These are the things I carry in the Mommy Pocket.

  • Keys (on Insjö key ring)
  • Wallet (Kate Spade Sweets 2 Park Avenue)
  • Coin Purse (Insjö) has Insurance cards and punch cards.
  • Small Set Piece (Ju-Ju-Be Perky Toki) In here I have a travel charging block and charging cables in case my phone or iPad runs out of power.
  • Small Set Piece (Ju-Ju-Be Charcoal Roses, not pictured, shown in another photo)
  • Admiral Tissue holder, made by Little e Design on Etsy, with tissues.
  • iPhone 6 
  • Mentos Gum


Be Quicks can be used for all kinds of different things! From snacks and juice boxes, changes of clothes and holding toys! There are so many options!

These are the contents of my Be Quicks.

  • My Charcoal Roses Be Quick has two changes of clothes for my 1-year-old. Two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, and two short-sleeved shirts.
  • My Mr Gray Be Quick has one change of clothes for my 4-year-old. One pair of pants, one shirt, one pair of socks and one pair of underwear.


The Ju-Ju-Be Be Set is a set of 3 pouches sold together as a set. They are one of my favorite Ju-Ju-Be accessories and you will see them in a majority of my videos! They have endless uses and are just SO cute! I have  around 10 Be Sets currently.

Here is what I packed in my Ju-Ju-Be Charcoal Roses Be Set.

  • The Large Set Piece has diapering needs for my 1-year-old. I have one Buti Pod cover, made by Bebe Notions on Etsy, with ButiPod holding wipes. I also have four size 4 diapers and a baggie dispenser made by Munchkin. 
  • The Medium Set Piece has my over-flow bag- a Ju-Ju-Be Be Light in Olive Juice! It’s hard to believe that a Be Light can fit into a Medium Set Piece, but they work so great this way!
  • The Small Set Piece holds my essentials. A custom-made mirror by Deliriously Mine on Facebook, a folding brush, a hair clip, eye drops and my EOS stick (my favorite lip balm).


Last, but certainly not least, is my Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cell in Mr Gray!  Fuel Cells can be used for tons of different things, but my favorite is when I pack it like this! 

  • Inside of the Fuel Cell I have RubberMaid Lunch Blox which are a PERFECT fit!! You can pick these up at Target and they even come with an icepack! 
  • I also have a plastic spoon and a napkin tucked away in the top plastic zippered pouch. This pouch is perfect for holding utensils and things like that!

I hope you found this Blog post fun and helpful! The Be Prepared is definitely worth looking into as a diaper bag for more than one child, as an overnight bag for yourself at the hospital when you are expecting a baby, or as an overnight bag for a trip! 

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Links for Custom Work and Jamberry’s worn in this Blog!

Bebe Notions

Little e Design

Deliriously Mine


You can order a Be Prepared HERE 

Mom Style #alleyandraetotherescue

When you think of Mommy & Me looks, you probably have something similar to the image below in mind…


This is my beautiful Mom, and two gorgeous Sisters back in the day. How sweet are those cardigans?? LOL! Continue reading

Uppababy Vista vs. Uppababy Cruz – 2015 Edition

This is a frequently asked question in Chicago Stroller Shop.

What’s the difference between the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista and 2015 UPPAbaby Cruz? Let me break it down for you, so you can decide which is a better fit for your lifestyle!

Let’s get started. I can probably guarantee that if I took a walk downtown right now, I would see a minimum of 15 Uppababy Vistas. I was out with the kids and my niece last week, walking around Lincoln Park, and I stopped counting after 15. How crazy is that? That definitely says a lot about the stroller. Everyone wants it, and with good reason.

The 2015 Uppababy Vista is probably as close to perfect as they come. The new Vista has an easy one step fold, insanely large storage basket, shock absorbing front & rear suspension, reversible toddler seat, extendable SPF 50 sunshade, 180 degree recline and a one button telescoping handlebar. The 2015 Vista now includes an easy to clean bumper bar and an updated bassinet. This stroller is easy to push, easy to fold, and is easy on the eyes. But the Vista isn’t just an amazing single stroller, it is now, a fully functioning double stroller with the purchase of the 2015 Uppababy Vista Rumbleseat. Uppababy updated the rumble seat this year making it able to recline, face either direction, and adding the same SPF 50 extendable sunshade that’s featured on the toddler seat. This set up can even work if you have 2 littles and a toddler. Just attach the Piggyback and you are set up with a totally awesome triple stroller!


Everything I just stated above is why the Uppababy Vista is the number one choice amongst Moms. This stroller will take you from the newborn stage, with the use of the bassinet or carseat adapters, to those crazy toddler years, and keep you looking good along the way. #Vistaforthewin

Now, for MY personal favorite, the Cruz. Many of you would say there is no comparison between these two strollers. I feel differently. When someone says they are looking for a new stroller, I always tell them to buy a stroller that fits their needs now. Worry about a double stroller later on… enter the Cruz.

The 2015 Uppababy Cruz is a mini Vista in my eyes. It has a better push than before with their new AirGo tires, huge storage basket, front & rear facing toddler seat, easy one step fold, SPF 50 extendable sunshade, and now includes an easy to clean bumper bar. When it comes to size, the Cruz is more compact and perfect for everyday use. It’s light weight, has a fairly small footprint and will always be my go to stroller. The Cruz CANNOT have the Rumble seat added on, but, you can add the Piggyback and use this with an infant and toddler or two toddlers. If you love the Vista but are looking for a slightly smaller set up at a more reasonable price range, the Cruz is for you. It will forever be my favorite!


Now for a side by side comparison….

2015 Uppababy Vista $819.99-$859.99 (not inclduding rumble or piggy back) 2015 Uppababy Cruz $499.99-$529.99 (not including piggy back)
Suitable For: Bassinet suitable from birth to 3 months Suitable to 50 lbs
Toddler Seat suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs Suitable from birth when used with the Bassinet or Infant SnugSeat
Able to fit: Up to 3 children Up to 2 children
Dimensions Unfolded: Unfolded:
26.5”W x 37”L x 39.5”H 22.25”W x 37”L x 39.5”H
Folded with seat: Folded with seat:
26.5”W x 14”L x 33”H 22.25”W x 14”L x 37”H
Folded without seat: Folded without seat:
26.5”W x 13.5”L x 33”H 22.25”W x 12”L x 37”H
Weight: Frame + Seat: 27.5 lbs Frame + Seat: 21.5 lbs
Frame Only: 20 lbs Frame Only: 15 lbs
Seat: 7.5 lbs Seat: 6.5 lbs
Bassinet: 8.4 lbs
Car Seat Compatibility: Chicco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi, and Graco. Chicco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi, and Graco.

So, as you can see above, there are some major differences between the two. For me, it’s just about personal preference. I swear up and down by the Cruz, but, I have a friend who loves her 2015 Vista so much, she has two! One for the house, and one for the car. If you love it, you LOVE it!

So, my fellow stroller lovers…which Uppababy is right for you???

2015 UPPAbaby Vista


UPPAbaby 2015 Cruz Stroller

Diaper Bag Dilemma…

I think my Diaper bag addiction is a close second to my Stroller Addiction. I have lost count of how many diaper bags I’ve tried, but, I think I have my list of favorites perfected. Check out my top 5 bags below and see which one is perfect for you!

1. Ju-Ju-Be BFF – This is my go to bag at the moment. It’s not too huge, but fits EVERYTHING I could need for long day out. I love that it has a cross body strap or back pack straps (I swore up and down I would never use a backpack… clearly that went out the window) because it leaves me hands free to deal with the tiny monsters. Another favorite feature is the zippered pocket in the front which holds all of MY essentials. JuJuBe bags come in so many cute print and are machine washable, which is why they come in at number 1.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby – This was my very first diaper bag. It’s HUGE and perfect for a first time Mom or a Mom of multiples. It will hold everything you need and 10 lbs more! The nylon fabric is great when you have a toddler who is constantly making insane messes. This is such a cute stylish bag, I always felt put together when using it.

3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Totes– My beautiful Mother gave me this bag for my birthday and I am in love with it! The fabric is glazed with makes it easy to clean and allows the bag to keep its shape. I recently used this on a flight down to Florida with the kids, and it was perfect for carrying all of my necessities. It fit diapers, formula, sippy cups, iPad, wallet, snacks, blankets, Taggies, etc. It also has a zipper closer on the top which is awesome because, I lose everything.

4. Skip Hop Duo– I think this is the perfect diaper bag for Dads. It’s super functional, keeps everything organized and easy to get access to. It comes in some really cute prints, but also in black, which is perfect for the man in your life that is out and about with the munchkins.

5. Tory Burch Quilted Slouchy Baby Bag– This bag is gorgeous and so perfect for the Chic mammas out there. The bag has a magnetic closer, insulated pockets and special straps so it can attach to your stroller. Love it!

Have fun shopping!! #diaperbagaddictionisreal