Peg Perego Book Pop Up Review

Enter the world of the Peg Perego Book Pop Up.

From the fabric on the seat to the belly bar, this stroller is totally gorgeous. There is so much attention to detail and its  incredibly well made. Harper has loved riding in the Peg  Book Pop Up because the seats sits totally upright! She’s got a good view and is super cozy in the plush seat!

I have a lot of ground to cover, so I am breaking this review up a little differently than normal…enjoy!



Chassis: The Chassis (frame) is beautiful and sturdy. I’ve tried out more stroller than I  will ever admit, and often times the frame seems wobbly.  The Book Pop frame is strong and looks sleek in the dark grey/black color that’s standard for the stroller. The lock for the swivel wheels is on the Chassis, just below the Peg Perego logo. I actually really like this location as opposed to it being on the front wheels like most strollers. You don’t have to bend down to switch from swivel to lock, you just turn the knob and you are good to go!  It’s the little things…


Toddler Seat:  Cozy!! The fabric is absolute perfection. It’s soft and you can see right of the bat, its high quality. After all, this is a luxury stroller!

The seat itself is spacious, and offers many recline positions. The seat and backrest slide open creating a super comfortable position for the child. We’re all about comfort! The seat can face the world, or parent face, and comes with the belly bar! Love.



 Bassinet: This is probably my favorite feature of this stroller.   When I pulled this stroller out of the box,  Harper immediately climbed in to the Bassinet and laid down. She is 15 months and 25lbs. She obviously should NOT be in a Bassinet, but, I think it’s worth noting just how big it is. Very roomy! You can also FOLD the stroller with the Bassinet attached. yep. that’s awesome. The Book Pop Bassinet is approved for overnight sleep which great for travel or long days out with the baby.





Canopy: Peg got it right with their canopies. They have the best canopies on their strollers and the Pop Up is no exception. It’s huge!! It pretty much covers the entire stroller. This is great if you live in a warmer climate with lot’s of sunshine, or, if you choose to torture yourself and live somewhere like Chicago, offers amazing protection from the crazy wind, snow, and rain.




Push: I LOVE the push on the Pop Up. It’s a one hand push and fabulous! It almost feels like the push of a stroller with air tires, without the hassle of pumping the tires. The front wheels swivel or lock and are large enough that they should handle the snow just fine!




Fold: This fold is freakin’ awesome. The Book Pop up folds into itself like a book, hence the name, and it super compact! It’s crazy easy and also keeps this amazing fold with the Bassinet attached!! Rounds of applause to Peg Perego for that awesomeness.

Did I mention it folds with one hand? Boom!



Folded with main seat


Folded with Bassinet

Storage: The basket is large and in charge!! This is the kind of basket you want when you’re Black Friday Shopping! I could easily fit every door buster I don’t need in this basket! #watchoutshoppers





Front view


Price: $799.99

Weight: 23.7 lbs

Bassinet: 9.04 lbs

Unfolded: 36.5” L x 23.16” W x 41.58” H

Folded: 15.25” L x 23.16” W x 33” H

Unfolded with Bassinet: 32.5” L x 16.42” W x 26.3” H

Folded with Bassinet: Folded: 32.5” L x 16.42” W x 8.75” H

Suitable from birth to 50 lbs

What’s in te box: Chassis, Seat, and Bassinet.

Travel System-compatible with the Primo Viaggio SIP (30/30 and 4/35) infant car seat. Accepts car seat directly on to chassis.


Overall, I really love the Book Pop Up! This is such a great stroller for expectant parents. With that fabulous Bassinet and super easy fold, this is definitely a winner! Plus, it comes in the most beautiful colors (10 to be exact). I don’t have anything negative to say about this ride. It passed my rigorous testing (aka Target during nap time ) and is a dream to push!

Check out the Peg Perego Book Pop Up HERE


Happy Strolling!

Qbit vs Nano Review

I love a good competition.  Can’t help it…  It’s the former figure skater in me!  I think it’s time for GB Qbit and Mountain Buggy Nano to have a little show down… battle of the travel strollers!

Who do you think will win?   Let’s find out…

I would like to preface this post by saying BOTH of these strollers are awesome.  They each have great features that I love, and some that I don’t love.  I wish I could smash them together and create MY perfect travel stroller. But I can’t… so here’s my opinion of two side by side…

Price: Qbit $179.99    vs   Nano $249.99   – I think this one is easy. Point 1 goes to GB Qbit…

Looks:  Let’s be honest, much like dating (yes, I am comparing strollers to finding the love of your life), the first thing that draws you to a stroller is how it looks…or maybe I’m the only one?  I don’t walk by a stroller and say “oh wow, look at how strong that aluminum frame looks!”  I walk by and say “Oooooooooh, pretty!”   Immediately followed by me wondering if I can sneak the stroller in the house without my Husband noticing….  #thestruggleisreal

Overall, I prefer the look of the Qbit.  The Nano has an odd shape to it, and the canopy looks a little funny to me.  If I were choosing between these two based on looks alone, I would choose the Qbit…


Seat: Both seats are comfortable for the kiddos (although I think the Nano looks more comfortable).  The Nano can hold up to 44 lb. and the Qbit can hold up to 45 lb. Both have a nice tall seat-to-canopy height, 25″ for the Qbit and 26″ for the Nano.   But with the Nano coming in with that extra inch from the seat to the top of the canopy, and having a long seat with an adjustable foot rest…it takes this round! 


Qbit left / Nano right

Recline: The Nano has a nice deep recline which is key for travel.  The Qbit is lacking in this department, but still has a slight recline.  This is a hard category because I think this is based on your needs.  If you have a younger child, I would say 18 months and younger, the Nano would be the better option.  If you have an older toddler over 18 months old, the Qbit would be just fine.  A recline is always great, but depending on your needs, not always a necessity.  So, it’s a tie in this category.

Fold:   Folded Dimensions:  Nano 22×12.2×20″   Qbit 19.3x13x21″


Nano left / Qbit right

Ok, both strollers have a ridiculously small fold, but, the Qbit wins this one hands down! If you’ve watched my crazy video review,  you saw how easy, fast, and tiny it folds with one hand.  The Nano is a 2 step process and you need to use both hands. Essentially you fold the canopy back and down, then fold the stroller into itself. It’s compact, but kind of annoying to do.  When I think of travel stroller, I think of easy.  The Qbit is definitely easy!! 

Storage Basket: Sorry, MB…Qbit wins here too!  The Nano and Qbit baskets are roughly the same size, but, the Nano is really only easily accessible from the front.  The Qbit has easy access from the front or back.  You all know how I feel about storage baskets… Qbit wins.


Qbit Left / Nano Right

Push: Both strollers have a nice one-hand push, but the Nano is just slightly easier to push and turn with one hand and a 32 lb toddler in the seat.  If you pushed the Qbit and had never pushed the Nano, you probably wouldn’t think twice.  But out of the two, the Nano has a better push…

Stroller Weight: The Nano weighs less than 13 lbs and the Qbit weighs 14 lbs… I honestly can’t really tell much of a different when I carry them.  They feel about the same to me. So, I’ll give it to both of them.

Canopy: To me, the canopy on a travel stroller is important. Especially if you are taking it to a theme park where your child will be out in the sun! I just can’t get past the Nano canopy. It looks awkward, doesn’t give much coverage, and when you don’t have it extended, it touches your hands on the handlebar which made me a little crazy… The Qbit offers much more coverage, and has a nice shape to it. Plus, it doesn’t touch the handlebar and drive me bonkers.

Qbit right / Nano Left

Qbit left / Nano right


Car Seat Compatibility: I won’t grade this portion because using the infant car seat isn’t a long term thing. Here are the seats that each stroller is compatible with.

Qbit: GB Asana35, Cybex Aton, and Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seats.

Nano:  Works with all infant car seats currently on the market and comes with the universal adapters to attach any car seat. (Yep, even the Orbit!) The toggles wrap around either side of the car seat handle while the stroller is in recline mode and attach to a peg under the seat and the seat belt system straps through the belt routing system.


Overall, the Qbit wins due to the fold,  canopy,  and storage space/access.  If I could change anything on the stroller, it would be the seat. It needs to be a little longer or have an adjustable leg rest for the younger kiddos. I can deal without the recline. I LOVE the one hand fold. It’s just too easy and makes me happy every time I fold it up…ha! This doesn’t mean I don’t like the Nano. I actually really like it! But, I don’t love that canopy or storage access. The seat back height is incredible, and the push is great, but I’m not a fan of that 2 step fold.

Those of you have that these strollers, what do YOU think!?! I’m curious…

Happy Strolling!

Oh, the Babyhome Emotion.

I received a package last week that kind of changed my life. It’s my favorite kind of delivery, STROLLER MAIL! Inside this lovely little box contained the Babyhome Emotion. It was love at first sight. Weighing in at just 15 lbs, this little beauty it super zippy for city living, has a great recline, and a wonderful canopy (that even comes with a removable extender!!).

One of my favorite features this little gem has is the storage basket. So many light weight stroller have horrible storage baskets… When you have a 9 month old and a 2-year-old, you carry around A LOT of crap. I need something that has easy access and fits my diaper bag, sippy cups, toys, etc. This holds it all and has a little room to spare… pretty amazing. The Babyhome emotion has an easy foot break that is flip-flop friendly along with a very easy compact fold. Sounds pretty perfect, huh? It is. I can’t say enough good things about this stroller!

To all my moms looks for something light weight and super easy, this is your stroller, this is a must have! I’ve had my eye on the Babyhome Emotion for a while now and regret not making the purchase sooner! For more information on the Babyhome Emotion, check it out here

Happy Strolling!

Oh Snap.

Those of you that are shopping for a light weight, durable double stroller know that the struggle is real! A very popular, side by side, double stroller is the City Mini Double. I could have played it safe and gone that route, but, I like to be different. Enter the Valco Snap Duo2 – Black Beauty.

Valco really got it right when they came out with this double. It’s perfection! I recently flew down to Orlando with my two little monsters and traveled with my Duo. Hands down made the trip soooo much easier! When you are pushing a stroller, pulling a car seat and traveling alone with 2 kids…you need easy.

The Snap Duo2 has some really phenomenal features. Check out my little list below but click here for their full website!

  • Fast/Flat one hand Fold (locks once folded)

  • Large storage Basket

  • Flat recline

  • Adjustable foot rests (if you recline the seat and pull the footrest up, it almost turns into a bassinet!)

  • 2 independent extendable canopies (with peek a boo windows)

  • 2 Bumper bars (included)

  • Rain Cover (included)

  • Shoulder strap carry

  • Stroller weight: under 24lbs

Like what you’re seeing!? You will love it even more in person. My only real complaint with this stroller is the canopy. It’s large and has plenty of coverage, but I would liked a little more. I feel bad even saying that but I like to keep it honest. Valco is releasing the Tailormade Valco Snap Duo2 which come in Denim Blue and Grey Marle. The Grey Marle is to die for!! I wonder If Valco Baby would accept a kidney as payment…. kidding!!

Be on the look out for the release of the Tailormade and make sure you snatch one up! I promise, you will not regret it.

                                        I just wish I could get everyone to try the Snap Duo2!!